The Cat’s Meow

A couple of the ladies in the Market Place like to feed the stray cats. Once I counted about 15 cats while I walked from my car to the storefront.

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Well, one day, around the 3rd of this month, the restaurant next to us didn’t have running water, but we didn’t have a problem. A few days later I noticed that the city dug a hole, right in front of our shop, filled it with sand, and left it that way. Evidently they fixed our neighbors problem while causing us one. I figured surely they will come and finish the job, but they haven’t. They kept giving us (including our landlord) excuses: “the city doesn’t have the money to finish the job”, “next Monday”, “in two weeks”. Meanwhile the cats are using the front of our place as a litter box! People have to actually step in a litter box after getting pass the smell to enter The Storefront, not to mention tracking kitty litter all over the place.

The Datim have tried their best to prevent people from entering The Storefront to no avail. But, would they stoop this low? Could they possibly be behind this? Could the mayor even be involved? Was this done deliberately? Hmmm.

Looks like I got my work cut out for me (smile). If they don’t fix it soon, I will!

Edwin Beckford

For His Name & His Glory, Eddie & Lura Maiman Beckford, Congregation Yeruel, Arad, Israel.
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