From: "Carmen"
Subject: Harassment of Messianic Believers in Arad
Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2005 08:44:03 -0600

Dear Government and leaders of Israel:

This e-mail has been sent to many Israeli government and private agencies!

Reference this news clip about the harassment, lies and terrorism of Orthodox Jews against Messianic believers: It was sent to me by an Jewish atheist who views the actions of some Orthodox as despicable.

PLEASE help stop the harassment of Messianic believers in Arad and everywhere else in Israel! What is WRONG with you people? You've been purposely ignoring the plight of the Messianic believers who are under constant attack. Have you ever thought that Israel's problems are as a result of your UNBELIEF in Yeshua? YHWH certainly isn't intervening in your plight. He's allowing the Bible to unfold right before your very eyes - from Genesis to Revelation. Israel has become a secular nation and you are being judged for it, so please open your eyes....

Regardless of what you believe, you are obligated to protect your citizens, whoever they might be. So DO something! The world is aware and they are WATCHING! Your people are not going to "get rid" of Yeshua haMoschiach by ignoring Him or persecuting His people.

God bless!
Carmen @ The Refiner's Fire
(The website that works for God's approval rather than man's applause.)