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Are the Police taking care of it? It isn’t certain. The operators of the Club: “Everyone knows who the arsonists are, now our lives are in danger!”


Anonymous Persons burned down “Anshey Hamelech” Club in the local market.

Around midnight, between Wednesday and Thursday, The “Anshey Hamelech” Club of the Messianic Community in Arad was burned down.

The Club suffered very heavy damage; all the Bibles that were in it went up in flames, and so did other holy books. The fire that spread burned all the equipment of the Club and left no trace of it.

The leaders of the Messianic Community, who are afraid today to be identified by name, for fear that their house will be burned too, say: “The writing was on the wall. We knew that one day this would happen. It’s nothing short of a miracle, that there aren’t any casualties. We considered having a security guard sleep in the place and watch the Club. Today, we thank God that nobody was there, or else he would have been murdered.”

We have no doubt,” say sources in the community. “We know who did it. The threats from the Haredim were becoming more and more real, and nobody can say we didn’t sound the alarm about it. We filed complaints with the Police, we informed the Media that one day they will cause a disaster, that we were persecuted, that illegal demonstrations were being held in front of our private homes. But nobody heard our cries, and nobody acted to cool off the minds of the hotheaded”.

The Arad Police started an investigation and received a formal complaint regarding a suspicion of arson. The Police say that they have started the investigation. As of now, they made no arrests, but there is a lead that will be followed to the end, without neglecting other leads. The Police also say that we are dealing with a large fire whose source was a deliberate arson. Large forces of the Fire Brigade, Magen David Adom and the Police that were called to the scene were afraid that a man was sleeping in the Club, but when they found out there was nobody there, they sighed with relief and went back to continue their nightshift.

There is great anger in the community, and they tell the “Hazvi” Editorial Staff: “We fear for our lives. We call upon the Police to act and to do everything to prevent our blood from being shed for nothing. We act quietly and privately. We don’t disturb anyone from acting and believing, each according to his way and his faith. We are persecuted, and today we also feel that there is a real threat hanging over our heads. We will not despair, and will continue to run and manage our community in the town of Arad. No man should entertain the illusion that we are going to get up and leave town. This act only strengthens us as a community, and also strengthens our faith in Yeshua the Messiah, who will bring justice to the light”.