No More Thursday English Classes

When the Pharisees found out about our Thursday morning adult English classes they began showing up by the numbers, circling the building, kicking our doors, making load noise, shouting, and screaming.

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Them treating our lives (Lura and me), well we fear the Lord, not man, and keep on doing what we do. As for others…many are buying into the fear factor and are becoming terrified.

Well, for the sack of peace today we decided to have English class in a convenient store/gas station.

With their scouts and cell phones the Pharisees soon tracked us down. They began popping up here and there! Soon they were all over the place! Some were getting too close to our car for comfort. It was getting harder and harder to focus on the English lessons and watch them at the same time.

After about 45 minutes total chaos they decided to leave us alone! And that was the end of our Thursday English classes. Lura and I still were willing to have them, but everyone was either afraid to show up or it just wasn’t worth all the aggravation.

I don’t like giving ground up to the devil. We did all I could do to stand, but the students threw in the towel. Face it, when you say “Get behind me satan”, “Get under my feet”, and “I bind you”…yet they are still there, laughing and marking you. And when you plead the blood of Jesus on them and they laugh while calling, “Jesus the bastard who died 2,000 years ago”…it can get a little scary.

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Edwin Beckford
May 27, 2006