Manifested Spiritual Warfare (Rd-4) 4/3/04

During the night God gave Lura some special instructions. He told her to paint His name on all 3 windows of the storefront. He also told her to use red paint on the 4 corners of the doorpost to simulate blood!

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The day was so peaceful and calm that it felt eerie, sort of like that peace and stillness right before a storm or tornado hits.

Tomorrow the armies would march against us, we had a lot of prep work to do, we had to make haste while it was still day.

While applying the red paint I couldn’t help from experiencing the irony of all this. Death heading our way, beginning of Passover, God’s name on the glass, red paint on the doorpost…not a dream, but in actual real time.

I suggested that we began opening our mailbox with extreme caution, sort of like being on High Alert mode. That we should open it from the back, thus only maiming a hand or losing a few figures if a bomb should go off. Lura rigged box with a string!

We were once told by a policeman that there are 2,000 Dati in Arad and only 2 of us (smile).

Well, we have done all we can do! We await tomorrow! A little red, blue, and yellow paint, a piece of string, a shofar, and God on our side!

Edwin Beckford

For His Name & His Glory, Eddie & Lura Maiman Beckford, Congregation Yeruel, Arad, Israel.
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