Why I put "Wings of Eagles" on my Don'ts List
"Jewish Voice & Operation Tikvah" on my Do's List

Money is not the issue! True, Ethiopian Jews are “waiting” to come to Israel, and dying while they wait… but they are not waiting because God can’t afford their airfare! All this hype about “Hurry, send your money while the door for them to leave Ethiopia is still open!” True, the door in Ethiopia is open, but the problem is that the door in Israel is shut.

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein’s (On my Don’ts List), International Fellowship of Christians and Jews’ (IFCJ) program “On Wings of Eagles” seems to be a fund raiser for Ethiopian Jew’s airfare only. He also seems to build the Ethiopian Jews up with a false since of hope and expectation. Instead of telling them that Israelis in high places don’t want them here and have shut the door… yet he continues to solicit unaware Messianics and Christians for more and more funds.

Not being upfront and honest is misleading. It somewhat implies that their (the remaining Ethiopian Jew left behind) fate is in the hands of the Christians. That he, as a Jewish Rabbi, is doing all he can and the rest is up to us! We who have the money!

But… it’s not an issue of money! Israelis in high places don’t want anymore Ethiopian Jews coming here!

It pains me to watch the following video, knowing that it’s being used in what appears to be a elaborate con game! Could a person stoop so low? Would a man rob God? I hope not! I hope that I’m wrong and Eckstein’s right!

Caution! This video will tug at your heart and your purse strings! Eckstein mentions something about the Messiah coming (non-Messianic Jews as a whole believe that the Messiah is coming… ‘Not coming again!’ ‘Not Jesus!’) Be not deceived, Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein is not a Messianic Jew or an angel of light! To watch video: Click HERE!

P.S. Rabbi Yechiel Ecstein’s fellowship is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. His annual salary last year was $824.000 dollars (I’m assuming, not including expenses). Note: These figures only reflex what he's raking in stateside; not including what he's grossing via UK and elsewhere.

Caution: Fund raising seems to be ‘Big Business’ here in Israel. It’s been said that in many instances only 10 cents per dollar actually goes towards the actual charity. Please don’t be fooled and deceived. Some of you are making the rich richer while thinking you’re doing God a favor. Google these 2 passages from the Talmud: "Babha Kama (113b)" and "Zohar (1, 160a)"

Now, on the other hand, we have the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America’s (MJAA) “Operation Tikvah” which is on my Do’s List. They are doing all they can about these closed doors on Israel’s end. They are neither making false promises nor building up false hopes. Meantime, they have dug 10 (I think) water wells, built at least 1 school, distribute needed cash assistance, rent farm land for the people and purchased farm equipment.

Israelis in high places are trying to shut down “Operation Tikva”, because of being ran by Messianic Jews and because they evangelize. If so, this would eliminate the competition for Eckstein, meaning more money in his pocket!

Click HERE! to goto my MJAA page on Do's List. Please see both videos and read the 3 related articles.

Eddie 02/26/09