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I do not really know where to begin,

but all the memories must fit in.

There is so much I have to say,

and it must be said here today.

For tommorrow ya'll will board a plane

and maybe we'll never see you again.

Remember when you leave Japan,

I'll always remain a loyal fan.

I'm not sure exactly where to start

I'll just cut to the important part.

At first we thought you were kinda strange,

But then we discovered a bit of range.

This range could be from good to bad,

because of that, what good times we had.

We'll start with the guy that is always right;

What's left to say, dear Mikey Mike?

Well Mike's just smart, so that's a start

But lets just cut to the juicy part.

We think you're cool, don't ya know

'cause you have got the biggest fro.

So keep your cool, play your pool...

Hope you do good in cooking school.

Christie, Christie, what to say?

You'are a living parody everyday.

Ur-hem, I am having trouble breathing

Hey Jen, are those your antelopes bleeding?

Congrats! Japan didn't make you crash and burn

but you still have one lesson left to learn:

We're hoping one day you'll get it in your head,

that you need to get your own ass out of bed!

Hey Pat, I've only got one thing to say,

Beniots Canadian, EH!!

Seriously, thank for being there through thick and thin

supporting us with your jokers grin.

Pat, you made time go by so much faster...

Oh baby, you are our pimp master.

You taught us really how to chill

Thanks Patty, what a thrill.

Wow, Kim, Lamby really is quite supple

You guys made the perfect couple.

I understand he made you mad,

he couldn't help being oh so baaaaaad.

We love you so that we wrote you a hymn,

Here it goes "Take down Kime, Take down Kim!".

Remember that game we used to play?

Hey Kim, where are your slippers hidden today?

But seriously here's the final twist;


So now we're going to finish, so as not to be rude,

we gotta say something to conclude.

No matter how bad a situation may seem

follow your heart and stick to your dream.

No matter the endeavor

We'll try to support you forever and ever.