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On September 23 2000 we all woke up bright and early. After frantically packing we were on our way to Nagasaki! Matsunobusensei met us at the dorm and we walked to Ohashi and caught the train. We walked to City Hall and met some Japanese students we were to join us on our trip. After a little "ceremony" we boarded the comfy tour bus that would take us to the city of Nagasaki. The drive took two hours and we went by the sea and through many tunnels!

Once we arrived at the Youth Hostel where we were spending the night, we had a meeting. At this meeting we were taught how to make our beds, which was pretty sad. Lunch was very similar to the dorms food and we were all very disapointed.

For the next three hours we played basketball in the gym. My team(Mike was on it too) won the tournament. We won one game with the score 47-2! I actually scored some goal...hehe...I mean baskets!

After dinner we all had a bath. Since us new people were still a little shy,we wolfed down our dinner and ran to our rooms and got our stuff. Then we booked it to the bath and soaped up, hopped in, then got out before anyone else came!

After everyone had bathed, we all met in our groups and discussed where we would go tommorrow. After the meeting we had some free time then it was off to bed. In the middle of the night we decided to go and visit the boys! We went into Pat's room and Kim pinched his nose shut. He woke up and as we were running out he yelled something to the effect of "What the F**k". Didn't get too much sleep that night.

We were woken up early to a chime that went off for half and hour! Then we got dressed and went outside to raise the flag and do our little exercises. After breakfast we boarded the bus again headed into the city.

With my group I went into a Catholic Church first. Then we walked around Glover Gardens for a while. There was a beautiful view of the city! After we walked around and found a place to eat lunch. I didn't eat the famous Nagasaki Champn!oops. We wandered around some more and ended up at the Memorial Museum. That was a very interesting place to see. Then everyone went to the Peace Park where some photos were taken. Then we returned to our wonderful home exhausted. We were lucky, and didn't have study! All in all, it wasn't such a bad trip.

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