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December 22 2000. It was finally time to say good-bye to the four wonderful Australians we had been living with since September. So we made ourselves beautiful(Jaimie was late for her hair appt!!!) and covered ourselves in glitter and headed on down to the PAR-TAY. After a delicious dinner, change from the norm, the festivities began.

The roommates of the Aussies gave a speach followed by their own thank-yous. Then came the time for Jaime, Jen and I to present our surprise. We locked ourselves into the Waishitsu and came up with this:


See, originally we wanted to do a little dance but being the procrastinators we are...well it didn't happen. Though we added a little dance routine in the middle to S Club 7's "You're My Number 1". I think it turned out pretty well considering it was last minute. Of course we had so much support, after we showed John two nights before and were told "You need a lot of practice". But guess who missed it? Yeah thats right, John, who was too busy getting ready to be Santa!

After our presentation, Karen and Taiyo made their own farewell speaches. Then we were blessed with a visit from Santa bearing gifts for all. That was good for a laugh! After John gave a speach, we had a short break as the band set themselves up.

Next, John and Taiyos band performed a few songs, with one specially dedicated to Kim and Pat. After the performance, we all danced a goofed around for a while.

This was our last night with the Australians. So we figured this would be the right time to have our "Secret Santa" gift exchange. Then it was off to our rooms to finish our packing for homestay. The next day we NA's set off on homestay and the others returned to Australia in time to spend Christmas with their families.