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Mutley's Friends


He lives downstairs near Nanna's and Nonno's apartment in Ladispoli.

Partial to ham rolls and small children. Watch out Izzy!


Bit shy, won't talk much but does let out a squeak every now and again. (Mainly when Mutley has him in his mouth.)

Resides in the garden

Currently holds record for longest squeaking toy at 5 months, 2 weeks, 4 days.

Jake 'Fugly' Liggett

A monster with four legs

'Don't feed him, cos he'll slobber all over you!'

'Don't worry he is only playing with your car, he'll bring it back when he's finished'


'Graham' the dalmation

Graham is the dark horse of Mutley's freinds, tending to stay out of sight without much known about his past.

Not as stupid as he looks, managing to befriend the entire Informa Lloyds List Events Team in one fell swoop.

Mad Mexican Dog

Befriended by M & M whilst on holiday in Puerto Vallarto.

Lived on scraps at picnic area. Similarity arises as Mutley seems to live on scraps from Nonno in Nanna's kitchen.

Promises to send Mutley a postcard.*

* If he ever learns to write. Oh, and learns what a postcard is

If you have any more pictures of Mutley's friends,
please e-mail them to him!