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M & M in San Francisco - 
City & Bay
Coming back from our wine tour, which consisted of a trip across the bay, we were lucky enough to be presented with a most glorious sunset against the Golden Gate bridge.
Anonther sunset/Golden Gate Bridge picture.
Picture of the golden gate bridge.
To get the most out of San Francisco, we decided to walk some of our way around it. Perhaps the brightest idea was not to try and run up one of the steepest streets we could find. In the background you can see Alcatraz.
Mirella can be seen presenting the bay pier area and part of San Francisco skyline.
One of the famous trams that provide the main transport throughour San Francisco. Compared to the old days there are only a few lines running, however they take you from the financial district, to the shopping, and to the bay.
Chocolate ice-cream. Nearly too much for even Marcus.
Tallest building in San Francisco. It is located in the financial district, and is actually built on rollers! This is to prevent it from taking too much damage during an earthquake.
View from our hotel window in the evening.
View of Macy's in Union Square at night.
The steepest street in San Francisco. It was hard work even just walking down!
Our favourite breakfast place.
This submarine is a genuine World War II relic, and has a notice board next to it stating the amount of Japanese ships it has sunk. Irony; the booth where you can buy tickets to tour round the sub is attended by a Jap!
The noisy, smelly seals.
View of Union Square during daytime.