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M & M in Mexico
We were lucky enough to go to Puerto Vallarta - Mexico at the end of July 2001, for a two week break away from the stresses and strains of life. Here we show a few pics of our holiday, to show you what a wonderful time we had.


Our hotel was called 'The Blue Bay Getaway'.

It was an all-inclusive hotel with no kids allowed (bliss!). There were three restaurants, four bars, three pools, tennis courts, gym, actually pretty much everything you needed to unwind.

Here we show the view from our balcony.

We discovered that Tequila can only be made in one place in the world, in the Mexican state of Halisco, (pronounced 'hay-yas-co).

The process involved to make Tequila is regulated. If the same process is used to make drink outside of Halisco, they call it Mezcal, which is generally considered inferior to Tequila.

You will never see a worm in Tequila, it is always in Mezcal, and is used as an indication of the quality of the liquor.

This is Marcus in a Tequila shop and tasting bar. Had to be dragged out by Mirella.

We visited a local Tequila distillery, where they had a few exhibits that were used to make Tequila many years ago.

This roller, (which Marcus did manage to move in the end!), was used to crush the juices out of the Agave plant.

The Zoo bar and nightclub. Plenty a drink had in there. Mainly by Mirella.

Artists in Mexico use a lot of images of death within their work.

(Mirella is the one on the right.)

Mirella, before we went out. Aint she pretty!

Us at the Hard Rock Cafe - Puerto Vallarta.

Good food. Nice prices. Did Marcus a killer choccy milkshake!

We went on a Monster Truck Safari which took us both on a drive and walk through the jungles in the mountains near Puerto Vallarta.

We ended up at a secluded beach, where everyone was lucky to see this nice view.

Then Marcus took his top off.

Good thing everyone had eaten.

Marcus before we went out one night. Strangely enough, he is sober at this point! Classic holiday snap of tree growing out of head.

One night there was a storm that lashed all around the resort of Puerto Vallarta without actually hitting it. All had a glorious view of lightning hitting, jumping between clouds, and illuminations in the sky for about 5 hours.

We were lucky enough to take this picture where on the left horizon, lightning can be seen hitting the sea.