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m & m go to greece 2003 !!
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we started off by meeting together in the Ledra Marriot, some nobby hotel which had a good view of athens, overlooked the acropolis, and had a bloody swimming pool on top of it on the 8th floor!
we had one full day to look round Athens, before getting our ferry to the lovely island of Naxos. most of this day was spent looking round the ancient greek part, mainly the acropolis and all the bits round there.
walking round athens was fun, especially the market area 'plaka'. In athens we saw the 'famous' changing of the gaurds, pom-poms and all.
finishing off our day we went to the hotels hawiian restaurant, and then after a good nights sleep we proceeded to the port to catch the 'flying dolphin' to naxos. it was really nice inside. it was fast, reaching according to mirella, 250,000 mph. i found out it's cruising speed is normally about 40mph, which although not as impressive as mirella's guess, is still not bad.
the island of naxos is not very commercial, and has a laid back cafe-bar type society, which was exactly what we were looking for. here are some pictures of the harbour, where we mainly had our food. All the food was fresh, being mainly from the island itself.
if you were to approach Naxos' main harbour from the sea, you would be presented with a big rock, with something on it called 'apollo's gate'. if you look carefully you can see one of the greek gods appear in the gate and strut his stuff!
we stayed at the 'hotel alkyoni' on naxos, which we were pleased to learn was one of the better hotels on the island. here are some pictures of the hotel, us in the hotel, and some of the views including the lovely sunsets we were presented with every night.
mirella was particularly interested in the wildlife, which was photographed specially for her. the one that creeped me out the most, was the many legged see-through thing. it was a bloody fast mover, and was about 2 inches long.
sadly all good things have to come to an end, and after arriving back in mainland greece, we killed time by having an absolutely fabulous fresh, fish meal in a lovely harbour.