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mirella's birthday 2003

a lovely evening at Jamie Oliver's new restaurant - fifteen

We first went for a drink in a plush bar called 'twentyfour'. It is a bar within the famous NatWest Tower which is famed for being one of the tallest buildings in the city. Seats had to be reserved, but the view of the London at night was breathtaking.
As you can see it overlooked the 'Swiss RE' building, which although officially known as 'The Gherkin' has been called less savoury things by the contractors working there
After our drink at twentyfour, we headed off to Old Street for a drink and meal at fifteen.
When you arrive you walk straight into an atmospheric bar with plenty of character and buzz. The drinks menu is mainly an extensive cocktail list, all of which are hand made in front of you with fresh ingredients.
Mirella enjoying a huge fruity number at the bar!
We sat next to two american business men, one who is visiting his buddy and coincidently used to live at Butlers Cross when he was stationed here in the Uk. They were kind enough to take this picture of us. By this stage Mirella had got Jamie's autograph. She was buzzing!!!
Then guess what, the lady I was sitting next turned out to be Beverly Knight! She was such a nice lady and let us take this picture. Well done Bev!
All in all, I think Mirella has a fantastic evening; she had some nice drinks in some trendy bars, she had a lovely meal cooked by Jamie Oliver himself, and she did her fair share of celebrity spotting. The only thing missing was Mutley, (it his is web site after all!)

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and if you want to see an 'objectional opinion' of our freind Jamie, have a look at the following.......... (click to enlarge)