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The Very Cool MOD Chip

SCPH-3000x/10000/15000/18000 SERIES

PS2 NEO KEY Installation Instructions

Please read all these instructions first before you begin. If you have never used a soldering iron before, you should have someone who is help you. Work slowly and carefully.

Before disassembling the PS2 unit be sure to have a clean, well-lit work area with storage containers for loose parts. You will need a 15 watt pencil tip soldering iron, a phillips head screwdriver and solder.

Disconnect the Playstation unit from it's power source as well as any other cables. Remove any memory cards or compact discs that may remain in the system. Flip the unit over and remove the case screws to remove the bottom cover. Store screws and bottom cover aside.

CAUTION: Before handling the circuit board touch a piece of grounded metal to remove any static charge from your body. Due to the heat involved in soldering you should only hold the tip on the contact points long enough to allow the solder to flow. If too much heat is applied to the work it may damage the chip, lift a PCB trace or burn the insulation back on a wire. If the insulation burns back on a wire you must trim and re-solder it. Too much insulation removed could result in the exposed wire touching other traces on the board.

The jumper wire will be installed on the bottom side of the main board except for the type 4 board which will be on top. Using the provided diagram links below compare it to your board to identify the areas in which the jumper wire will be installed. 

The main board is now ready to be soldered. Using the soldering iron, quickly touch the iron and the solder onto the exposed jumper wire ends one at a time as to coat them with solder. The exposed wire may also need to be cut back if they are too long. Locate the area that one of the wires is to be attached on the main board. Check to see if the pad or contact point needs any solder applied to it (only if needed). Be very careful not to apply to much solder as to cause a "solder bridge". Place the wire onto the contact and touch it with the soldering iron. The solder should flow and the wire will bond to the pad or contact point. Attach the other end of the jumper wire to the indicated pad or contact point.

Select which model and type of PS2 you have below for installation information.

SCPH-30001 - Type 1 or 2

SCPH-30001/2/3/4 - Type 3

SCPH-30001 - Type 4

SCPH-10000/15000/18000 Japanese version

Note: Some PS2s with serial number U2 may have a type 4 board.

Once the jumper wire is attached, visually inspect the board to ensure that no exposed wire is touching any adjacent traces.

Once you are pleased with the work, follow the above steps in reverse order to re-assemble the Playstation.

Reconnect the unit to your power source and video outputs. Power up the Playstation. Follow the booting procedures below. If after the unit is turned on and does not start up within a few seconds shut the unit off immediately. Disassemble the unit and start from the beginning to try and find the fault.

Test your install

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