October 4, 1999

Strange Companions

Robin Robertson

This effect uses Karl Fulves Riffle-Shuffle Control (hereafter RSC). This is explained in his booklet with the same title as well as in my book CARD MODES.

Have the deck well-shuffled, then cut into two piles. You're given either pile and the other is discarded. It won't be used further in this trick so get it out of the way.

1. Injog any 11 cards. (Any odd number could be used, but 11 is a little less than half and then you don't have to think during the later phases about what number of cards to cut.)

2. Do the RSC selection process, with the injogged cards on the inside. Both top and bottom cards are memorized by one male, one female spectator. Finish RSC.

3. Casually spread cards FD as you patter about the cards now being widely separated. Get break under top five cards, then double-cut to the bottom as you ask the male if he is willing to help you further. Lay the cards on the table and ask him to cut approximately in the middle. But stop before he can do so and ask the female spectator to put her hand on his wrist before he cuts to increase the rapport.

4. Turn the bottom half packet face-up and lay next to the other packet. Ask both to look closely as you deal cards and tell you if they see their card. Now deal the FU and FD cards simultaneously. The person who noted the bottom card will say "stop" at some point. The corresponding FD card will be the other spectator's chosen card.

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