September 21, 1999

Repelling and Attracting

Robin Robertson

Set-up: Cull the other two Aces to the top of the deck while removing the Queens and Aces for the routine. Remember the color of the top Ace; we'll say it's Black.

Phase 1a - the Kosky Switch.

Pick up, for example, the 2 Red Queens and turn them FD in the left hand, then the Red Ace FD on top, getting a break underneath. The Black Queens FD on top, then the Black Ace. Immediately turn the Black Ace FU and deal it on the table. Flip the Black Queens FU, picking up the Red Aced underneath. Outjog the top Queen, injog the other Queen (with Ace underneath). Take the Black Ace off the table, turn FD and put between the Black Queens, lined up with the deck. Push the injogged Queen (with hidden Red Ace) forward until it lines up with the outjogged Queen. Pull them away from the deck, fan and lay on the table to your right. Turn the bottom two Red Queens FU, put the FD Ace in between and lay on the left. Magic gesture and turn each packet over to show the Aces have been repelled to the opposite packet.

Phase 1b - Pure Gall.

Drop either pile on the other. The Aces are FU, the Queens FD. Fan the cards in the right hand and pull out the 2 FU Aces with your left hand. Use your fingers and thumbs to flip both packets over: Aces FD in your left hand, Queens FU in your right. "Have to reverse them." Of course, this is two reversals, so no change in position. Put the top FD Ace between the top 2 FU Queens, the remaining FD Ace between the other 2 FU Queens. Put the top Queen packet on your right, the other one on your left. Magic gesture and the Aces have repelled to the opposite packet.

Phase 1c: Daley's Delight.

Push the FU Aces in front of their packets, then turn the Queens FU as well, so it's clear the Aces don't match the Queens. Now you're going to do a variation of the Daley's Delight Switch. Both hands simultaneously pick up the FU Aces, thumbs on top, 1st finger below. 2nd fingers come to the thumb side, then thumbs release, allowing the Aces to pivot FD between the 1st and 2nd fingers. Left hand immediately shifts 1st finger, then thumb so its Aces is between thumb and 1st finger. Then do Daley's Delight; i.e., hands come together so that top card is between thumb and 1st finger of both hands, bottom card between 1st and 2nd fingers. Left opposite hands take card, then cross arms over and lay Aces on Queens. This results in two reversals, so Aces are back where they started. Put Aces between Queens, then magic gesture and show Aces have Repelled to opposite packet.

Phase 2: Marty Kane's Version.

Assemble the cards face up so they read from face to rear: Red Queens, Black Queens, Red Ace, Black Ace. The Red Queens are at the face. Say, "Let's keep a closer eye on the aces this time."

Hold the packet from above in right hand Biddle grip. Name all cards by color and value as they are displayed. The left thumb pulls off the 1st Red Queen into its hand. The 2nd Red Queen is pulled off and a left pinky break is taken beneath it. As the 1st Black Queen is pulled off, the broken Red Queen is stolen beneath the right hand packet. The 2nd Black Queen is pulled off. The final 3 cards are placed onto the packet. The left thumb pushes the face card to the right, displaying the Aces. Square the packet and turn it face down.

Acquire a left pinky break above the 2nd card from the bottom. Flip the top card face up onto the packet, displaying a Red Queen. The right hand grips the right side of the Queen and lifts it from the packet. The right hand returns to the packet, its fingers underneath the Queen flipping over all the cards above the break; maintain the break. This displays the other Red Queen. Place the 1st Red Queen onto the packet, sidejogged an inch to the right. Flip all the cards above the break face down onto the packet as the break is lost. Deal the top 2 cards into a spread on the right.

Turn the left hand palm down as the packet is brought face up. The right hand slides off the red ace at the face and slides it face up between the tabled cards. The left hand turns palm up and spreads its cards. Openly remove the bottom card, turn it face up, and insert it between the spread pair in the hand. Use this spread to tap the tabled spread. Reveal that the Queens have repelled away this time.

Phase 3: Queens Gather Aces.

Casually put Black Ace FD between Black FU Queens, Red Ace FD between Red FU Queens still one more time, but make sure the Queen on top in each case matches the suit of the Ace. Pick up deck and get break under top card (a Black Ace, remember). Drop the Black Queen packet on top and double-cut to the break. Drop the Red Queen packet on top and imitate a double-cut, actually cutting first a quarter of the deck from bottom to top, then another quarter.

"The Queens act a little differently when they're in the full deck." (Yeah, sure they do.) Ribbon-spread the deck and a Collectors situation is seen. Push the sandwiched Aces and Queens plus the card underneath the last Queen onto the table. Put the rest of the deck out of the way.

Take the top two cards off and lay on the right of the spread, then the next two to the left. Next two in front and last two at the bottom, forming a diamond.

"In the full deck, each Queen finds its matching Ace." Turn the FD Aces FU in place to show that this is just what has happened.

Notes: The inspiration for this effect was Marty Kane's "Ms. Matches", which was in turn an elaboration of Peter Duffie's "Bold Widow" from Abacus, October 1996. Peter's effect was inspired by Alan Brown's [Karl Fulves'] "Black Widow" from Pallbearer's Review, May 1969.

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