This was inspired by Paul Harris' "Interlaced Vanish" in Apocalypse, Vol. 1, No. 1.

Start with Kings & Aces face up:

Kings (back to face): B, B, D, H.

Aces (back to face): D, B, B, H.

Place the Aces onto the Kings.

1. Spread the packet face up to show what you've got, then close the spread catching a break under the fifth card from the face (KH). Lift off the upper 5 cards and use these to flip the remaining 3 Kings face down into dealing position then drop the Aces face up on top keeping a break.

2. Spread the upper 3 cards to show 4 Aces, saying, "The four Aces are going to be placed in secure places." Close the spread and flip over all 5 cards. Now deal the top card onto the table and ask a spectator to place his hand on it, saying, "One Ace goes under your hand."

3. Now spread the remaining seven cards and take the Aces one-at-a-time, turn them face-up, and interlace them with the Kings, starting with the bottom two Kings, saying, "...and the other three Aces are guarded by the Kings." If you pull the top card (Ace) to the left slightly you can turn your hand and casually show both sides of the spread. Now square the packet.

4. Remind the audience of the situation, saying, "Under your hand you have one Ace.." At this respread your cards to show the 3 face up Aces and name their suits, saying, "Between the Kings we have Diamonds, Clubs, and you've got Heart?" He will agree. Ask him to check. As he does, close the spread doing a "Spread Half Pass"of all the cards under the top card, then place the packet on the table.

In the Spread Half pass, the right fingers flip the cards over right-to-left under cover of the top card. This is the opposite direction of the normal Half-Pass. The top card provides cover, and it's being done of the off-beat here.

5. Specator will be surprised to find that he has not the Ace of Hearts, but the King of Hearts.

For the climax, spread the packet on the table to show that the remaining Kings are now interlaced face-up between the Aces.

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