This is a routine with the standard "Jumping Gems" set. It's basically the wonderful, largely overlooked routine from Thompson's Top Secrets of Magic, Vol. 1, with some updating of the patter.


A Hollywood love story. [Bring out the two rods in each hand, with the ruby on top under the right thumb, the paired diamonds on top under the left thumb, so that both rods appear blank].

Boy loves girl . [Show right stick blank on both sides].

Girl loves diamonds. [Show left stick blank on both sides].

Boy gets diamonds for girl. [Right hand makes gesture, doing half-paddle move to make diamond appear on top of right stick, do not paddle move to show other side].

Girl says 'gimme.' [Sticks come together at outer end and each hand does half-paddle move, so that diamond seems to jump to left stick. Again don’t use paddle move to show other side].

Girl wants more diamonds. [As left hand closes on its stick, right hand stick pushes left one inside hand until it protrudes slightly from other side. Once front end of right stick is covered, turn it over].

So she gets more Boy Friends {said archly} and lots of diamonds. [Pull left stick out with right fingers in middle of stick, to show a diamond on each end].

One for her nose and one for her tongue [show opposite side with paddle move].

And one for her navel and one for her . . . {pause as if embarrassed} . . . toes. [return to normal position with paddle move].

And two for each ear. [Gesture and secretly half-paddle so that paired diamonds appear on the end of the stick. Show on both sides with paddle move, then put stick away].

Boy gets a new girl friend, her name is Ruby. [Rub stick with left fingers, then lift then one-at-a-time until ruby appears. Show ruby on both sides].

He decides he prefers diamonds to Rubies. [Use standard Twist Change to change back to a diamond as you rotate stick using left hand. Display diamond on both sides].

That's a Hollywood love story. [Put stick away].