Oct. 17, 1999

Dagwood Sandwich - With Lettuce

Robin Robertson

Glancing through Roy Walton's The Complete Walton, Vol.1, I came across "Dagwood's Eats" (p. 169) and thought it was cute. First thing to go was the Glide. I substituted a Biddle. Then I looked for an ending and dug out a green backed deck of cards. Here's the effect now:

Set-up, from back to front: 4 blue-backed, blank-faced cards, with blank side up; 3 red-backed, black picture cards, face-up. I used KC, JS, QC; 6 green-backed, black picture cards.


This is basically the same as Walton, with just a variation in the handling, some slight variations in the pattern, and an ending. Talk about going into a deli recently and watching a very patient man behind the counter waiting on a very difficult customer. Mention the huge variety of meats in the deli (which will be represented by the black picture cards).

Take out the packet face-down and spread the top few cards casually showing the blue-backs. Flip them over and display the faces (i.e., the "meat") as follows:

Hold in Biddle grip, rotate hand to show blue back, then pull off a few picture cards. Rotate hand again to show blue back, then pull off a few more. Continue until all 6 green-backed cards are in the left hand. Lay them aside face-up. Then spread two more cards casually to show more "meat" (i.e., black picture cards). Tun the cards face-down, being careful not to spread.

Now do the Walton flip-flop alternation; i.e., hold cards face-down in Biddle position. Left thumb pulls off top card, then right hand flips packet face-up, spread to the right and left thumb pulls off top card. Continue doing this, creating a spread of face-down and face-up cards. Be careful when turning over the last card to conceal the blank face.

"There you are sir, a Dagwood Sandwich. Will that be all, sir?"

"But Dagwood doesn't make his sandwiches bread - meat - bread - meat - bread - meat - bread, he has all the bread on the outside and all the meat on the inside."

Count as follows, during the above.

1. Fair count on Bread.

2. Get break as you count Meat.

3. Biddle Meat, holding right thumb break, as you count Bread.

4. Biddle back Meat, as you count Meat.

5. As you count Bread, get break.

6. Biddle Bread as you count Meat.

7. Last two held as one Bread.

"Yes sir, bread on the outside, meat on the inside. Will that be all, sir?"

Spread to show bread on the outside, meat on the inside.

"But isn't that meat a little overdone?"

Turn the three middle cards over to show red backs.

"No sir, it's nice and red and juicy. Will that be all, sir?"

"I wanted white bread, not dark bread."

Turn the 2 cards on each end over to show blanks.

"Well that's as white as we can get. Will that be all, sir?"

"You know, I don't think I'll have a sandwich after all. I'll just have a nice green salad."

Pick up the cards you laid aside at the start and spread them face-down to show the green backs.

"Yes sir, one green salad coming up."

Alternate line: "Wouldn't you like some nice green lettuce on that sandwich?"

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