Robin Robertson, Ph.D.

Psychologist, Magician, Writer, Professor  


Robin Robertson has spent a life-time bridging the worlds of psychology, science, business and the arts. He's a clinical psychologist, university professor and writer who has published fourteen books and more than a hundred articles in either psychology or his hobby field of magic. He teaches psychology on-line to graduate level students as an Associate Professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies. Before becoming a psychologist, he was a vice-president of software development for a large insurance company, and for the last twenty years, he's been a consultant to a multi-employer pension plan. He has separate undergraduate degrees in mathematics and English literature, as well as an M.A. in counseling psychology, and a Ph.D. in clinical psychology.

Robin's books, often on Jungian psychology or the relationship between psychology and science, have gone through multiple printings, new editions, and foreign translations. Since 1986, he's been a writer, editor, columnist and editorial board member of the Jungian journal Psychological Perspectives (a beautiful journal that speaks not merely to specialists, but to everyone who loves Jung.)

He was heavily involved with the applications of chaos theory in psychology as a writer, editor, speaker, and officer of the "Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and the Life Sciences." And, in more recent years, he's been a consulting editor and contributor for the cybernetics journal Cybernetics & Human Knowing (a journal that looks at deep issues about the nature of reality).

He is a life-time amateur magician, and a member of the Order of Merlin of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, who has published six magic books and many original effects, in recent years often collaborating with the clever Scottish magician, Peter Duffie..

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Psychology, Math & Science

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A selection of other works

"Stairway to Heaven: Jung & Neoplatonism" (Psychological Perspectives #44)

"Computer Viruses and the Human Mind" (on Dynapsych - see link to full site on paper)

"A Sense of Wonder" (on Blueberry Brain Institute - see link to full site below)

"Number as Archetype" (on Dynapsych)

"Some-Thing from No-Thing: G. Spencer-Brown's Laws of Form" (C&HK, 6:4)

"One, Two, Three . . . Continuity: C. S. Peirce & the Nature of the Continuum" (C&HK, 8:1-2)

"After the Phoenix: Perspectives after 9/11" (Psychological Perspectives #43)

"Lessons from Alchemy & Chaos Theory" (On-going series at

Jungian Psychology, Chaos theory & Cybernetics Links

Psychological Perspectives (Jungian journal)

Philemon Foundation (undiscovered publications of Jung)

Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology & the Life Sciences

Bluebery Brain Institute & Chaos Cooperative

Cybernetics & Human Knowing (journal)

Magic Tricks

Magic Books:

Robertson: Handle With Care (1963)

Robertson: Card Modes (1983)

Duffie/Robertson: Card Conspiracy, Vol. 1 (2003)

Duffie/Robertson: Card Conspiracy, Vol. 2 (2003)

     eBook versions of both vols. available at or

Duffie/Robertson: Diamonds from Coal (2004)

Duffie/Colombini/Robertson: Killer Koncepts (2004)

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