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At this time the only contest we have going are listed below-nyo If you have a good idea for a contest plz e-mail Usa-chan about it about it and plz tell her you user name in the guild ^_^-nyu
20,000np Original Pic Drawing!
Well Dejiko sama only got 2 pics in this contest Nyu and the other person that had sent in a pic left the Guild Nyu : (   Guess there aren't that many people in our Guild that can draw ^^;; Well Dejiko sama wont be doing this contest again Nyu Moo ^^;; Well any ways the WINNER is "eternallydepressed" ME!!! Nyu Moo and my "Mini Moo" pic Nyu!
~contest was held April 12,2002~
pics no bigger then 600x600 pixels & 600kb
Pic must be Original (made up by you) no copying
Pic must be made Suitable for 10 year olds to see Nyo!
Mail pics to ""
10,000np Give away!
On the first of every month we will be giving out 10,000np!-NYU! I know it's great isn't it-nyu? The give-away is random, so I can't guarantee who will get it, it could be anyone-nyu. Well I wish you all the best of luck. :)-nyu

Winners on the 10,000np give way!
November: kari_hope
December: shui_xing
January: naomi_dark
February: shui_bing_yue
January: digimimi33, 
March: it could be you nyu!!