You must read ALL of the rules!

This clique requires that you have a website with content and html.

This clique is not limited only to blondes, but you have to be able to admit to your "blonde moments"! hehe!

Also you must have read the 'about' section, and you must put the link up before you apply to join. I will check each site that applies, and if I cannot find the link then I will not add you to the 'members' page (I will not search everywhere on your site for the link!). The images to choose from are on the page titled 'codes' (or you can make your own button and donate it to the clique).

Please NO diz.nu addresses because they have too many advertisement pop-up ads. I generally do not accept expage sites, but if you still want to apply then go for it.

And you must notify me if you move to a different URL, close your site down, or get a new email address, because I do not want any broken links!

In the form on the 'join' page put "blondie" where it says Platinum... If you do not put that then I know you did not read the rules!

Remember, the final word on if you can join or not is entirely up to me. This is not an elite clique, but I have become semi-picky because of so many requests to join. I am not terribly brutal, although if for some reason I do not like your site then I will not add you to the members page. Sorry to sound mean but thats just the way it is... But basically if you follow all these rules then I'll add you. :-)