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Old Photos of Grimethorpe!
Old Grimethorpe Photo's!

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The First photo shows Brierley School in 1920

The second photo a class from Brierley school 1923

The third photo shows Victor Highfield Bretton, in an AC with an aluminium body....

The butcher is J T Green,of 36 High Street. He died in 1926 and his son Allan Green took over and hawked meat in Grimethorpe until he died in 1986. The shop is now a dentist surgery. Photo taken about 1926

The RoseQueen Dorothy Lightfoot - 1934

The group is outside Grimethorpe Church - about 1936

Herbert Packard-1940 well known character of Grimethorpe.

Six Grimey Girls - left to Right: Dorothy Wood, Joyce Avill, Phylis Seston nee Bagnal, Majorie Webster, Betty Haynes nee Johnson and Doreen Atkinson. Photo Taken 1941

The May Walk - 1950

School Class - 1950

Corner Shop High Street 1950

Willogarth School Teachers 1953

Maypole Dancing - about 1955

Grimethorpe Cricket Match -1954

Willowgarth Teachers - 1968