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Jake Gillengerten




          I come from the city of Mason.  Mason is located just south of Lansing.  I grew up about 5 miles off the Michigan State University campus.  Mason is not very big but is known state wide for its soccer program.  My family includes of both my parents and two younger sisters.  Also, my grandparents live in East Lansing and I am very close to them.




          Soccer has always been apart of my life.  I was told as soon as I could walk I was kicking a soccer ball.  During my time at Mason High School, I accomplished everything possible for a player and a team.  I started on Varsity my sophomore year and we went on to win states.  As continuing on in my 4 years, I grabbed every award possible.  In my senior year alone I was M.V.P. for the team, number 1 player in the league, number 2 player in the district, and brought home the all-state award.  Currently I am playing for Tri-State University.  This was my freshman year and I started on varsity while taking down the Rookie of the Year award.



          In my spare time, I love to snowboard.  I have been to Colorado many times as well as Northern Michigan.  Also, I enjoy wake boarding.  Hunting is a great past time for me because I love nature and it is a good time to sit in the woods, with no one bothering you, and think.  However, what I enjoy most is chillin with my boys.




          I am currently attending Tri-State University and will end my freshman year in the spring of 2001.  I play soccer here and spend most of my spare time with the FAM.  I am majoring in CADD (Computer Aided Drafting and Design) in hopes of becoming an architect.



          Last, I have to give a shout out to all my peeps.  The FAM, this is for life.  Spring break 2001, road trips, parties, whatever went down, we held it down.  Ryan is my boy for life.  He is practically my brother.  Arizona, MSU, Summer of 2000.  Augspurger Family, possibly the greatest family.  Karen is the best friend anyone could ask for.  Dee is the man.  Whenever you need a laugh talk to Dee.  Mrs. Augspurger is my mom away from home and a wonderful friend.  Frank and Chris these are my boys back home.  Anything happens I know they are there for me.  EUSABIO!!  Amanda we all know Indiana is possibly the worst state, but I suppose because of this one person we will consider Valpo (Porter County) to be all right.  TSU, Nubs Nob, Timberidge.  Nata is my true sister.  Not to mention all the advice and help, she is my girl.  TSU 2001, Ft. Wayne.