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DBA or D.B.A. Trade Assumed Doing Business As Business Name Certificate

Apply, Register & Get your Assumed Business Name -  All States  Fees 2

All starting businesses, (including small business, retail stores, internet business, online business, online web sites and home business), at least get a business tax registration license and file a trade name and in most cases obtain a tax id number.


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In a Nutshell:

  • All businesses are required to get an assumed business name and a business license.
  • If you pay employees, you need a federal and state employer number
  • Seller's or wholesalers or tangible items, need a seller's permit reseller's license

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Assumed Business Name Registration

Doing Business Under More Than One Name

No person or company may do business  under any assumed name unless a Assumed Business Name registration is Registered . 

What is a Assumed Business Name ?

A Assumed Business Name is any name under which you do business other than the current legal or personal name on your business registration record.   It may be:  

These are some important basic principles:

  • The term "Assumed Business Name " applies to all references to true name, Assumed Business Name , and DBA name. 
  • The law sets no limits on the number of Assumed Business Name s which may be registered by one person or company.
  • Assumed Business Name s are not "protected" from use by other companies through Assumed Business Name registration. 
  • Assumed Business Name s can be sold or assigned to another company.

Registering a Assumed Business Name Registration Application

Apply, Register & Get your Assumed Business Name with the appropriate office.


Assumed Business Name Registration

If you are planning to start your own business, you need  to obtain your Certificate of Assumed Business Name .

a Assumed Business Name is any name under which a person/corporation or partnership transacts business other than its own legal name.

Registering a Assumed Business Name as a corporation.

 If the corporation  uses any name other than its name, it must Apply, Register & Get a Assumed Business Name . For example, XYZ, Inc. corporation wants to open a retail toy store and call it "Toys R U.S.A". then the corporation must Apply, Register & Get the "Toys R U.S.A" Assumed Business Name . After registering the Assumed Business Name and obtain a Certificate of Assumed Business Name , the corporation may use the name "Toys R U.S.A".


Trade Business Names

a Trade Business Name Statement will allow you to legally "do business as (DBA)" in a business name other than your legal or personal name. (This is called a Trade Business Name statement in Illinois and a Business Certificate in Massachusetts.)

The Statement or Certificate must be Registered  within 30-40 days of your first business transaction.

In most counties in California, if you are doing business under a business name that contains your legal name as part of the name, you will not be required to Apply, Register & Get a Trade Business Statement. For example, if your name is Al Pacone and you plan to conduct all your business in California as Al Pacone Co., you will not need to Apply, Register & Get a Trade Business Name. If, however, you plan to refer to your business as XYZ Company or Smart Internet, you will need to Apply, Register & Get a DBA.

In Illinois, sole proprietorships and partnerships must Apply, Register & Get with the Trade Business Names Unit. Similarly, in  Boston, a Business Certificate is required for any person, partnership, or corporation conducting business under a name other than their own or legal name.

Registering Your Certificate of Assumed Business Name

Note that we can notarize, Apply, Register & Get , and if necessary publish a Trade business name in every state: California, New York, Texas, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, etc., as well as in any of the cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Houston, Chicago, Detroit, etc.  Note: Though our headquarters are close to the  Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, and Ventura counties and Metropolitan areas in California, we have representatives and partners in every county and every state in the United States.

In most States, regular registration Registering takes 4-8 business days (e.g., California), but in some states it may take 10 -20 business days because the government processing takes longer - it is not our service that takes longer.  Where it is permitted by the government, there is same day Registering for an extra fee - add about $200 to regular price.


Obtain Certificate of Assumed Business Name in Any U.S State

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New Jersey
New York
West Virginia
South Central
Upper Plains
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North Carolina
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New England
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Pacific West
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What is a Certificate of Assumed Business Name or Assumed Business Name ?

First, a Company, or Assumed Business Name Certificate, or  DBA / D.B.A.  Doing Business As Statement is the same as a Trade Business Name Statement, a Trade Business Name Certificate, and a Trade Assumed Business Name .  The term is sometimes misspelled: fictious, ficticous, ficticious, etc.  All of these business, or Assumed Business Name s are just business name certificates / statements that must be Registered  if the business owner (individual, partnership, corporation) is doing business in a name other than  its own legal name.

What is the General Certificate of Assumed Business Name Law?

Registration or Registering of a Trade / Trade Business Name.

In general, you are required by law to notarize (some states) Apply, Register & Get (Apply, Register & Get ) and publish (in some states) a Trade business name statement, (otherwise called a Assumed Business Name Certificate,  DBA Doing Business As Statement, a Trade Business Name Certificate, or a Trade Assumed Business Name )  if the business name is a name that is different from the name of the proprietor, partnership or corporation doing business with that name. 

Example, you are  Al Pacone doing business as "Business Consulting Services" - you need to Apply, Register & Get the name "Business Consulting Services".  Example: you are Hulliburton Corp, doing business as Robem & Cheetem - you need to Apply, Register & Get "Robem & Cheetem" under the corporation.  In addition, if the business name includes the name of the owner and implies additional owners (for example: Al Pacone & Associates,) you are required to Apply, Register & Get a Trade business name as "Al Pacone & Associates". 

Benefits of Registering your Certificate of Assumed Business Name :

  1. Can use the Courts to bring a lawsuit under the business name. You can enforce any contract that you sign under a registered name.  

  2. Can open a bank account in the name of the business -  banks require that you show proof of business name registration.

  3. May prevent others from using your business name. Registering creates a rebuttable presumption that you have rights to that name ( but don't get too excited about that because you probably need a Trade mark to protect the name).  However, in general, you do acquire some rights to the business name associated with a specific product or service that you provide using the Trade Business Name in the region that you provide the service or sell your product. More Trade Business Name Information