Have you ever felt the urge to go online and make a website or even just a few pages for the mere hell of it? Some unscheduled Tuesday nights of my life when there is nothing better to do, I spend time online chatting and designing websites. My name is Keaton. These are my sites.

Keaton's Cyber Palace
-Main website. Has most recent info on me including some pictures. Probably best of all of my three websites. Also includes: icons I made for AIM, wallpapers I made(soon to come), some downloads, poems I made, and a few other things too. Check it out. (in frames)

-Currently under construction. Place for spiritual boredum and some trippy junk. (not in frames)

Keaton's Webzone
-Oldest website. Doesn't get updated or worked on, but I figured I shouldn't leave it out. (not in frames)