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DANDI WORLD Network is focused on people and places.

Dandi has compiled a simple method for processing information and relaying that information on to others. Sometimes its Dandi gardening tips, sometimes its helping others feed the hungry.

Yep! This is Dandi working.

** Help Dandi Feed the Hungry Chime in For Food!
** Reno Daze Fiction and bald faced lies, Web Cams! Free Classified Ads! Reno Daze is a Northern Nevada magazine!
** Fountains Designs Worldclass fountains and gardens. Self-Contained fountains for indoors or outdoors!
**Bulk Tea, Herbs 'n Spices! Potpourri! Plus Mind, body and spirit! Meet she really a white witch or is she just old, mean and ugly? See Angel, "Arianna, Guardian of the Animals!
**PiggyMart Thrift Emporium Fleamarket on line! Collectibles and more...
** Classy Clothes Beauty Tips from the "Pros" and gently used career clothes from the "second market".
** United Nations report on women in poverty
We all knew its true...
**Post Traumatic Syndrome Would you recognize it?
**take a look this keeps me grounded...

**Go To Project Gutenberg
When I'm not here at DandiDaze,
I'm at Gutenberg checking out an important part
of the collective consciousness...

Business Support Services-On Call! Grow Your Business!
Create other streams of income!

SCORPIO MOON PUBLISHING...Which of you would like to join in creating a newsletter about family issues? Focus has moved from the Corporate Arena to Family Management issues both for men and women. Dandi would like to help set new standards in family matters!
Not passively hoping for the best of education, health and development...instead an agressive, determined family management program wherein a head of household can and should develop goals and programs for the security and benefit of all family members!
A program for family development which will help set standards for generations!
We need your help! Please email Dandi for more information!

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Support freedom

Educate in the name of "Humanity".
Feed the hungry in the name of "Humanity".
Heal in the name of "Humanity".
Nurture and support in the name of "Humanity".

Dandi Chimes for Food!
Dandi Daze leads a project to help feed the poor and unemployed.
We're asking every business in Nevada to help us!
Check it out!

Sales is a "learned" skill.

All of us can learn and earn more than we ever dreamed!
We can develop a sales team!
We can develop products and sell our own products!
We can work with others and double our power!
We're more creative than we ever dreamed!
But we "gotta wanna"!
Dandi is author of "Open After Closing" and "Full Service Sales"
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This pair of audio tapes is available for $19.95.
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