The Princeton Shield Alex and Mommy in front of the hallowed halls of ivy A building
Pretty buildings that I don't the names for, lots of them
Told you there would be more unnamed buildings
And more...
And more...
And...That's it. For the unnamed ones I mean.
Actually, I lied. I don't know the name for this one, but I do know it's the chapel. This is the medical building, but sorry, no name for this one either.
Notice anything weird about this picture? Frist Student Center, very nice and comfortable inside
Naussau Building Princeton's mascot, the tiger, in front of Nassau Building
The Yale bulldog, on the Princeton chapel because it was designed by Yale's architect; a token of loyalty A sundial Woolworth Center for Musical Studies
A nice garden in Princeton Mommy with some pretty flowers Squirrel
An extremely cute dog we saw in front of the admissions office Scenery
Looking at the NYC skyline from the New Jersey side
The view of the skyscrapers from Gold St., right outside our hotel