Saturday, June 29: Concert Night
Dinner with Natasha's aunt, uncle, and cousin between the afternoon concert (Shostakovich and Hindemith) and the evening concert (Bernstein and Berlioz.)
The after concert reception complete with generic pizza and soda.
West Side Pride! with our conductor Mr. Daniel Hege.
Shostakovich people with their conductor Mr. Alastair Willis.
Michael Ludwig and the first violins. Jason and the "exotic" Diane.
The Hege Orchestra flute section and flute coach Leonne Buyse. Pat attempting to drink Coke using an ice cube as a straw(you know, the ice cubes that are cyndrical in shape and have got a hole through them. :-)
Sunday, June 30: Leaving Sarasota
The bridge from Sarasota to St. Petersburg on our way to Busch Gardens.
Busch Gardens: a combination of Six Flags and the San Diego Zoo/Wild Animal Park.