In this unit, we studied the Arthurian Legends. We went through a book on the King Arthur legends by Roger Lancelyn Green extremely quickly. In order to do so, we split ourselves into groups of four and each group was assigned one section of the book to summarize, analyze, and present. The difficult part was finding a criticism on that particular section of the legend and apply it. I worked with Irene, Jimmy, and David on this project. The criticism dealt with the role of women in the Arthurian legends which was fairly relevant since we had a chapter devoted to Morgana le Fay and the Lady Nimue. Chivalry and the treatment of women is also an important idea throughout these legends. This was our first exposure to finding our own literary criticism and using it and all things considered, it went fairly smoothly. We recieved a ten on our presentation and analysis. Below is our essay as well as the excerpt from the criticism we used.

The First Quest & The Magic of Nimue and Morgana Le Fay
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