Poetry Analysis: As part of our unit on poetry, we were asked to find a poem and analyze it for its poetic aspects. We spent some time discussing the different types of poetic aspects such as figurative language, rhythm, rhyme, meter, structure, and tone. This essay was an opportunity to demonstrate what we had learned during this unit. The first submission, my thesis was not exactly accurate and so I had to resubmit it. The second time around, I recieved a decent grade though ten points had already been docked off.

"Song of the Open Road"

Poetry Book: Our first assignment in the poetry unit was to write our own poetry books. We were required to write one sonnet, three free verse poems, and two other poems of our choice. I actually enjoyed this assignment a lot because it gave us a lot of free reign. We could write about anything we wanted, whatever was on our mind at the moment. I also enjoyed the activities we did in preparation for this assignment, when we used the magnetic poetry kits to write poems. That was fun and made us use our creative sides a little bit.