Book 16

Long, long time ago, in a land called Ithaca

Odysseus returned from Troy.


Athena said if he went home

The suitors wouldn’t leave him ‘lone

Athena told him to dress as a bum.


He went to his friend, the swineherd’s hut.

Then his son came home but he did not know

The man was his own father

Dressed up as a poor beggar.


He sat by the fire to have a chat

And found the bum to be his dad.

He falls into his father’s hand

And they begin to dance




He started crying

My, my what a strange old guy

He looked like a bum but he’s really my dad.

He’s been gone for so long

Now he’s finally back.

Singing this will be the day that I cry

This will be the day that I cry.


For years now we’ve been on our own

The suitors trying to steal your throne.

But now that you are safely home

We’ll crush those suitor’s bones.




He started singing

He started singing

He started singing.

Reflection on this project