Morgaine – She is a willful and powerful priestess of Avalon but strays from her true path after discovering Vivian’s plan for Arthur.


Arthur – Arthur is a truly decent person but is caught between the two worlds of Avalon and Christianity.


Gwenhwyfar – She is wife of Arthur but unable to dismiss her love of Lancelet.  Her piety plays a substantial role in Arthur’s decisions.


Lancelet – An accomplished and courageous knight, Lancelet would suffer insanity rather than betray his king.  However, his love for Gwenhwyfar may prove to be too much for his self control.


Vivian – Extremely wise, but inclined to play the Goddess in determining the fates of her priestesses.


Morgause – She is Morgaine’s half sister, frivolous, yet very intelligent and sharp.  She is fiercely protective of her brood and prone to meddling in other’s affairs to forward her own cause.


Mordred – Mordred is the son of Morgaine and Arthur, conceived at Arthur’s kingmaking on Dragon Island.  He is the cause of the downfall of Arthur and the breaking of the peace.