Alternate Ending

It was bad.It was worse than bad.It was terrible.Everything was set.Perfect.I could have gone and joined Jimmy with nary a hitch.But aiya.No.I was too stubborn.I wanted a real divorce.I wanted all the papers in order with his signature on it.That bad man.I should have left.I should have just left him alone and gone to America.I could have been happy.I got my papers all right.Betty and I, we went to call on that bad man the day before my plane was set to fly.It was the perfect plan.We would accuse him of being unfaithful to me right in front of his current concubine and force him to sign the divorce papers.He did it.But he followed me back to my apartment.Betty and I had tea together, but as soon as she left, he snuck in.He had a gun just like the last time.The last time he tried to divorce me he made me beg him not to and raped me at gunpoint.This man only brought trouble.He raped me again and was going to steal my tickets.My tickets to freedom away from him and this place.††† I was very mad.Mad at myself for my stupidity and of course, mad at Wen Fu.

I admit that my mind was muddled.I was not thinking clearly.When Wen Fu went to the restroom, he left his gun on the kitchen table.I grabbed it and waited for him to return.When he stepped into the room, I fired.Luckily, my aim was not so good.I meant to shoot him in the heart but the jump, eh, the recoil from the gun threw my bullet off towards the left.I only hit him in the arm.I wonder what would have happened if I killed him.Probably, I would be sent back to jail and this time there would be no one to get me out again.He screamed and cursed and unfortunately still had use of his other arm.I was so shocked at I what I had done that I dropped the gun.He grabbed me and beat me to a bloody pulp.I was too scared at what I had done to resist.The terrible things that would happen to me kept running though my mind.He was going to kill me and I thought I deserved it.

Lucky for me, Helen, Kwong An, and Auntie Du (her second husband, you call him Uncle Henry) returned at the moment.I had almost lost consciousness but Wen Fu was showing no signs of stopping.If they had not returned, I swear he would have killed me.He was angry and in pain and more than a little crazy, I think.Kwong An tried to pull Wen Fu off of me and Auntie Du grabbed the gun that lay forgotten by my side.Helen just stood there.Later she said that she was too scared but somehow I always felt that she disapproved of my running away from my marriage.Things like when she refused to sign my divorce papers and when she told Wen Fu where to find me after I had run away.Auntie Du threatened Wen Fu with the gun and made him return my tickets.Auntie Du called the police.They presented the evidence and everyone spoke in my favor.I had bruises coming up all over my body, my dress had been torn, my lip and nose were bleeding profusely.I was pardoned for shooting Wen Fu because they deemed it self-defense.I was taken to the hospital immediately and Helen tells me that Wen Fu was taken to jail.Auntie Du sent a telegram to Jimmy Louie to tell him of what happened and he immediately flew back to China to see me.He visited me in the hospital every day until I was released.Though my original tickets were no longer valid.Jimmy Louie convinced the American consulate to arrange another visa and to get us out before the Communists came in.He even told his church in America about what happened and they sent money to help us.It was with love and relief that we finally left China to start a new life together in the United States.


This story is rather hard to write an alternate ending for.The reason being that the majority of the story is a flashback.The beginning and ending take place in the present.Therefore, if I make any drastic changes in the ending, that would also effect the beginning, something I did not want to do.Therefore, my alternate ending does not exactly take place at the very end of the story.The story still ends in the same fashion as in the book.However, I changed the end of the flashback.The book left a perfect opening.When Winnie has the gun in her hand about to shoot Wen Fu, Helen walks in and breaks the spell.That what if, what if she had shot Wen Fu?That was the opening I was looking for and I used it in my alternate ending.I was loathe to change much more because that would have meant Winnie may never have made it to America and the entire book would be invalid.I also did not want to change the last part when Winnie gave Pearl Lady Sorrowfree, the Kitchen Godís wife.That ending is reason the for the title of the book and I liked how it wrapped things up very nicely.