Chapter 1: Benevolent (adj.) - characterized by or suggestive of doing good

                  Cynical (adj.) - negative or pessimistic

                  Enmity (n.) - deep-seated, often mutual hatred

                  Prosperity (n.) the condition of having success; flourishing

                  Tyrannize (v.) - to exercise absolute power, oppress

Chapter 2: Apathy (n.) - lack of interest or concern, especially regarding matters of

                  general importance or appeal; indifference

                  Caper (v.) - to leap or frisk about; frolic

                  Disciple (n.) - one who embraces and helps spread the teachings of another

                  Expound (v.) - to explain in detail

                  Pre-eminent (adj.) - superior to or notable above all others; outstanding

                  Vivacious (adj.) - full of animation and spirit; lively

Chapter 3: Cryptic (adj.) - having hidden meaning; mystifying

                  Hoist (v.) - to raise or haul up

                  Implement (v.) - to put into practical effect; carry out

                  Maxim (n.) - a clear, concise formulation of a fundamental principle, general

                  truth, or rule of conduct

                  Parasitical (adj.) - relating to one who habitually takes advantage of the

                  generosity of others without making any useful return

Chapter 4: Confer (v.) - to bestow

                  Contemptible (adj.) - deserving of the attitude of regarding someone or

                  something as inferior, base, or worthless; scorn

                  Maneuver (v.) - artful handling of affairs that is often marked by scheming

                  Sentimentality (n.) - the quality of being excessively or affectedly emotional

                  Shrewd (adj.) - characterized by keen awareness, sharp intelligence, and often

                  a sense of the practical

                  Tractable (adj.) - easily managed or controlled; governable

Chapter 5: Advocate (n.) - one that argues for a cause; a supporter or defender

                  Articulate (adj.) - expressing oneself easily in clear and effective language

                  Blithe (adj.) - lacking or showing a lack of due concern; casual

                  Conjure (v.) - to call or bring to mind; evoke

                  Eloquence (n.) - the quality of persuasive, powerful expression

                  Pretext (n.) - an ostensible (representative) or professed purpose; excuse

                  Procure (v.) - to get by special effort; obtain or acquire

Chapter 6: Arable (adj.) - Fit for cultivation, as by plowing

                  Compensate (v.) - to offset; counterbalance

                  Intermediary (n.) - a mediator between persons or things

                  Reconcile (v.) - to reestablish a close relationship between; to settle or resolve

                  Vain (adj.) - not yielding the desired outcome, fruitless; excessively proud of

                  one's appearance or accomplishments

Chapter 7: Abolish (v.) - to do away with; annul

                  Capitulate (v.) - to give up all resistance; acquiesce

                  Embolden (v.) - to foster boldness or courage in; encourage

Chapter 8: Censure (v.) - an expression of strong disapproval or harsh criticism

                  Clamor (v.) - A loud outcry; a hubbub

                  Conciliatory (adj.) - to overcome the distrust or animosity of; appease

                  Gambol (v.) - to leap about playfully; frolic

                  Lamentation (n.) - the act of expressing grief for or about; mourn

                  Negotiate (v.) - to confer with another or others in order to come to terms or

                  reach an agreement

                  Retinue (n.) - the retainers or attendants accompanying a high-ranking figure

                  Vile (adj.) - Loathsome; disgusting

Chapter 9: Complicity (n) - involvement as an accomplice in a questionable act or crime

                  Contemptuous (adj.) manifesting or regarding someone or something as

                  inferior, base, or worthless; scornful

                  Demeanor (n.) - the way in which a person behaves

                  Poultice (n.) - A soft moist adhesive substance, usually heated, spread on

                  cloth, and applied to warm, moisten, or stimulate an aching part of the body

                  Uproarious (adj.) - loud and boisterous; causing hearty laughter

                  Waft (v.) - to go gently and smoothly through the air or over water

Chapter 10: Eminent - outstanding, as in character or performance; distinguished

                    Insoluble (adj.) - that cannot be dissolved; difficult or impossible to explain

                    Morose (adj.) - sullenly melancholy; gloomy