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A little bit of everything!

First thing you do other than creating your pet, is CREATE A SHOP! You make tons of NP by doing this and it is also alot of fun!!

The third of every month all Neopia Stores sell their items for 1/2 off!!!

Having a bank account allows you to get interest daily and also protect your money!! You will also receive 30NP for opening this account! So get into the habit of putting money into your account everyday because the more money you have in your account the more interest you will get!!

How do I dontate items to guild stores?
To donate your items, you will have to make justintime131 suebhoney or a_prfct_love_623 your neofriend. Then go to your items page, click on the item you want to donate, select give to Neo Friend which would be one of the above and give it to them. These items will then be sold in that guild store and the profits will be used to benefit the guild.
Our special donations are sent to gramms!

Keep your items in the safety deposit box, right now it is free, otherwise ghosts can steal from you, items can be turned into a pile of sludge and other "horrible" things may happen !! (lol not horrible I am stretchin it abit but only abit!)

Be careful when you visit different Neopia Worlds, this is sometimes how your pet will get ill, but don't let this stop you, the healing springs or we can help you cure your pet!

If you play the games and you do not get your NP contact Bug Abuse and they can help!

Use the Shop Wizard, he can help you get the lowest NP when buying an item! He can also help you when you are trying to price your items!

When someone Neomails you and asks you to be their neofriend always check out their profile page before accepting you can sometimes judge I am not saying this is always a sure thing and believe me they can lie, but please be careful in accepting NeoFriends, there are alot dishonest people out there!!

Feed your pets and a thing I know I am lax on is giving them water or something to drink they do get thirsty, and toys let them play with toys they love it,unlike food, they will not disappear, you will get them back to use again and again!

You can earn money by playing the Stock Market!

You can send in your Neopets related contributions to the Poem and Art Galleries, if they choose it to appear on the site, you will earn 1000NP!

The referral program can earn you over 7500NP plus other prizes,so send a Neopet to a friend they will love you forever!

Did you know the highest win in Scorchy Slots is over 85,000NP (Gramms came close!)

Did you know wins of up to 30,000NP gave been recorded in the Dice A Roo game!

A royal flush in the NeoPoker game will give you 10,000NP, but this is very hard to do!

When you navigate the site you will magically find Neopoints or other items, NP can go up to 1,000 and some of the items you find are usually rare!

Wins of over a million have been reported in the Scratch Card Game!

BRAINTREE: We at B.S.G. can not give out the answers to the quests because ther are no set answers any more. SORRY!! They are all random. But we can be helpful to you in mnay other ways:)

asparagus/hot chocolate=cup of hot borova
coffee/chocopie slice=cakecoffee
ergy fruit/brocoli=ergy brocolli
donutfruit/ ice cream jelly smoothie=jelly donut smoothie
fish negg/muntando fruit=sushi
green apple/onion rings=apple onion rings
grilled cheese/ham=ham and cheese sandwich
hot soup/chocolate milkshake=hot chocolate
joint of ham/muntago=sweet ham and fruit
neocola/wine=caffeine bubbles
magic potion/sunflower seeds=asparagus
mechaberries/organic red grapes=mecha grapes
plum/neocrunch cereal=plum crunch cereal
rainbow negg/vanilla milkshake=vanilla negg
rainbow vanilla/cinnamon swirl=scrambled rainbow negg
sausage/bread=sausage wrap
scabu/ergy fruit=scabergy
scrambled rainbow negg/chocolate chip cookie=negg cream cookie
spicy wings/hot cakes=chicken roll
snowberries/donut fruit=frosted donut
strong berry/fungi fruit=fundus fruit
teal juppie/kraku berries=muntando fruit
toffee icecream/thornberry= thorn cream cone
wiggling grub/organic bananas=banana grub
mechabread/tigersquash mega=mecha tiger jam and toast
mecha grape/organic red grapes=solid toast
bread/spaghetti snowpuff=negg salad
bottle of water/hot soup/watermelon=watermelon soup
chicken/asparagus=veggie chicken
deli turkey slices/bread=deliwich
fungi/strong berry=fungus fruit
green apple/pizza=pizzapple surprise
leek/green cabbagbe=twice veggie
mummy spaghetti/orange negg=orangetti
mud n may dip/chicken=chickayo
orange negg/purple negg=sliced negg
organic carrot/blueberry snowpuff=carrotberry smash
pink negg/choc icecream=ice cream negg sundae
purple negg/orange negg=slilcked neggs
purple negg/milk=deviled negg
purple juppie/snow sandwich=purple icewich
rainbow negg/choc icecream=ranegg
runny snot/lolly pop=snot lolly
sausage/bread=sausage roll
snowgetti/meatballs/hot soup=meatball broth
spicy wings/hot cakes=chicken roll
spironut/cheese=choc sticks
yellow negg/choc icecream=yenegg
vanilla milkshake/strawberry chia pop=strawnella shake
vegan cheese=neo crackers=cheese cookies
woo woo grub/watermelon soup=waa waa grub

Pet Pets to create Combo Pet Pets
baby fireball/bloop=froiler
cool purple teddy bear/huggy=huggy bear
pinceron/wheelie=ultra pinceron
] poppit/spyder=spoppit
purple fuzzle/flaming torch=flaming wuzzle
ultra pinceron/combobot=ultra megabot 2000

Don't forget that every Sunday we will have a random drawing and the winner will recieve a prize which could be anything from a pencil to a rare item all your neonames are in a box and they are drawn out!

Buying pets clothes now would pay off later, as when they can be used asking prices will be high!

SHOP SCAMS: If you see a shop that says they have a way of making tons of neopoints, ignore it. It is just a way for them to get really rare items! Just report them to neopets, then they, in return, will freeze the persons shop and account!

CHAIN LETTERS: NeoPets staff will never send you neomails about deleting members or ask you to pass messages on to anyone else. A chain letter might say that if you pass the letter to 10 people you will recieve a negg, this is not true. Nobody will give you neggs or anything for that matter. If you receive any such neomail, simply delete it!

EMAIL SCAMS: The latest trick is to try to make you change your email address to win a prize, or to change your password to something simple such as 'cattle'. DO NOT DO THIS!! If you do, that person will be able to get your password and gain entry to your account. Remember, no Neopets staff will EVER ask for your password. If you receive any such message report them immediately!

FAKE STAFF: Remember that NO MEMBER OF STAFF will ever ask for your password, and NO MEMBER OF STAFF will ever contact you through neomail. If anyone does neomail or email you requesting your password, please report it immediately!

FAKE LOGIN PAGES/ITEMS: Some people have been putting fake items into their shop. When you click on the item and press 'yes' you wish to buy, you get re-directed to a page that appears to be a neopets login screen. If you look closely at the URL, it is not actually a neopets site, but a scam to try to get your password. If you notice any shops that do this, please hit the report shop at the top of your screen!

I hope these tips will help you, if you have any questions or you do not understand something, please e-mail Gramms!

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