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Below you will find a list of all our guild members shops! Please visit them frequently it helps them and you!! Just plain shop til you drop!!
"So many shops to choose from I'm going around in circles!!"

Needful Things
Ahhh is your pet a little lonesome get them a playmate, some are also a tremendous help in the battledome,our pets pets guild barn is just the place to find the perfect critter!

Needful Things II
J'licious java after a hard days shopping stop in and relax at our guild java bungalow you deserve it!!

Needful Things 3

Needful Things V

Books and Quests Inc
Pet bored, has an average intelligence, an easy way to make them S M A R T and happy--READ THEM A BOOK! Our guild library square can help you do that!

Needful Things IV
Pet sick, make them better, Dr. Frank has the cure and he may even give you a lolly if your good! Our guild pharmacy is a must when your pet is sick!

Everything Fair

Hackers Beware

The Jewell Keeper
Neo home looking abit on the dingy side, let us help you brighten it up! Our guild furniture factory is just the place for you!

Pet itchin for a fight and rarin to go! Our Guild Armory can help come here before your pet goes into battle!

Tonyas Outlet

Clow Cap Mystery Map



Bubba's House of Neoitems


Little Symmy

Needful Things VII

Your pet got a sweet tooth or a sweet heart or maybe you just want to say thank you? Be sure to visit our guild kandy and bakery kart!!

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