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Here are some ideas on ways to help you earn some NP without begging, pleading, or cheating! If you are low on NP, a good way to get some is to play games! There are so many of them, you will never be bored! On the flash games, if you score above 110, your NP will be doubled!! Master the game and win a trophy to show off to your friends!!!


SOUP KITCHEN If you have 1000NP and you need food desperately for you starving pets, you can go to the Soup Faerie and get free food!

GIANT OMELETTE You can either sell it or feed it to your pet!!! Now talk about two for the price of one!! This giant omelette will never be finished. One omelette can feed your pet 3 times and sometimes if you get lucky you get a rare one, you can sell it in your shop for more that 5000NP! This you can do once a day!

TICKET BOOTH Hey, if the concert is good, you may as well go, but, if you decide not too, these tickets can be sold and for a good price!!! HINT: "GOOD" CONCERT TICKETS ARE HARD TO COME BY!!!!!!! The key word is "GOOD" so think long and hard on this one!

FAERIE QUESTS!!!! If the item she asks for is cheap, by all means, take the quest, however, it the item asked for is expensive, then, DENY the quest as it is not WORTH it!

SPYKIDS This will give you 100np per day!!


SNOWAGER Located in the Ice Caves of Terror Mountain, is a giant snow worm called the Snowager! It is a greedy thing that lives on piles of treasure of weapons, scratchcards, neggs and lots more! Every once in awhile the Snowager goes to sleep for one hour at at time and it is during this time that you can try and grab something for free. But, beware, sometimes it wakes up when you're in there and blasts your pet! So,grab items when the time is right, and what I hear you ask are the times, well ask and you shall receive! These are all set to Neopets Standard Time, I suggest you TREAD LIGHTLY!!
1-2am 1-2pm 8-9pm and 10-11pm

MONEYTREE Muntundo fruit giveaway 10:45NST Mondays AND Chocolate giveaway 5:50PM PST Sundays

Shop Restock Times are the following: :01 :09 :14 :25 :32 :37 :47 :57
Again, all times are set to Neopets Standard Time, I suggest trying to grab faeires, because, you by them cheap and sell them for more,(buy 100np sell 3000np)


WHEEL OF MEDIOCRITY!!!! Spin the wheel, this can be good or bad, good luck!!!

WHEEL OF EXCITEMENT!!!! Spin the wheel,you can win from 100Np to 10000NP! There are also many other cool items you can get, but then there is also a down side, your pet might get struck by an illness or get hit by lightening, or the pant devil may steal one of your possessions! After all it is a game of chance!!

FRUIT MACHINE!!!! Again you spin for the chance,this can either get you an item, NP or sometimes nothing at all but it is FREE and you can do it once a day, so no harm done huh!

KIOSK!!!! Buy a Scratch N' Win ticket. If you get a good one, sell it, cuz you can make alot of NP off the right one! If not, then hey, try givin' it a scratch yourself!!

HEALING SPRINGS!!!! If your pet does get blasted by the Snowager and has really low hit points, then you should go to the Water Faerie for help. She is found at the Healing Spring in Faerieland. You can visit her every half hour. Sometimes she heals your pets completely, other times she gives you healing potions which you can sell in your shop or give it to your pets and if you are lucky, she will make your pets bloated! This all, believe it or not, is FREE!!

SHRINE!! Located in the Lost Desert, there is a Shrine. Take your pet to it regularly because if you are lucky, it will raise your pets stats or make you richer!

TOMBOLA!! You will find this game located in Mystery Island and like so many others you can play it once a day and the best of all it's FREE! If you fet a winning ticket, you might get codestones, or paintbrushes or even faeries! But sometimes losing is just as good because you will get a worthless along with some petty cash!!


MEERCA CHASE!!!! This game is free to play and you get more points the higher level you play!! Two secret levels access one by pressing the SHIFT key and the ohter by clicking on the top right hand corner of the screen!!! Bonus, get 600np and win a Magical Meerca Plushie!

ICE CREAM FACTORY!!!! This is Barney and Abbyanns most favorite game in the world!!

JUB JUB BLACKJACK!!!! You can win alot in this game if you play your cards right, but you can also loose alot. You can win or loose up to 150NP per play, we wish you luck!!

DICEAROO!!!! Costs 5NP per play, you can win NP items, Lottery Tickets and lots of food!!

CLIFFHANGER!!!! If you like Wheel of Fortune, then this is the game for you!! It is 15NP a play and you can win up to 1500NP per day!!

DESTRUCT-O-MATCH!!!! The less moves you make, the higher your score will be and its free, now what more could we want!!

KACHEEK SEEK!!!! Find your pet hidden in a puzzle!!

KIKO MATCH!!!! This game is free to play. You start with 200NP and it decreases for however much you do. Over 150NP and you payout is doubled!! Win NP 3 times aday!

LENNY TRIVIA!!!! These are pretty simple questions,it is just questions about Neopia and as you travel around you learn Neopia, believe me, you should also get to know them cuz questions keep repeating and you can play as much as you like a day for free and win 25NP per correct answer, but if you get one wrong and the question comes up again, you do not win anything. I won over 2000NP in this game so it can not be all that hard if I can do it lol!

NEGGSWEEPER!!!! This is a really good game, you get all those funky bonuses and LOTS of points!!

POOGLE SOLITAIRE!!!! Below, you will find the answers how to win this game!! It will take you 31 moves!!

19-->17 30-->18 27-->25 13-->27 18-->30 33-->25 24-->26 31-->33 28-->30 33-->25

16-->18 18-->30 27-->25 30-->18 14-->16 16-->28 21-->23 28-->16 09-->23 07-->09

04-->16 23-->09 10-->08 12-->10 03-->11 01-->03 18-->06 03-->11 11-->09 08-->10

SCORCHY SLOTS!!!! It is better to play this one when the jackpot is low that way you win more items on the slots!

NEOKNIGHTS!!!!Here are the answers you must take it slow and make sure it clicks and they disappear! They are in rows of five so start with the first one and count 1 2 3 4 5 etc. ok this is the number sequence you will click: 10 19 8 11 22 13 20 23 14 5 8 1 12 9 18 15 24 13 2 11 8 17 14 25 18 21 12 3 6 13 4 15 18 7 16 13! This is the fastest way I know in 36 moves, again GOOD LUCK!

WHACK A BEAST!!!!Gramms has finally found her favorite game YEA! for Gramms:)

GRUNDOS GYM!!!!Wondering where the fifth set is, well, it is under the jogging machine, also when you play, pace yourself your trainer will reward you more!

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