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Widescreen Panavision: 2:35.1 70mm
Recorded in: Dolby Stereo ( 24 track mixed down to 6 track )
New Remaster in: Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS ( dts not available on DVD )
Directed by Richard Donner

"You'll believe a man can fly", promised the posters, and millions flocked to take a look. Yet special effects were only part of the appeal of Superman the movie( 1978), the first serious dramatization of a super hero's exploits to draw big crowds of adults as well as children. In fact, upon its release, Superman became the top money-maker in Warner Bros. History.

Superman the movie was a success on almost all levels.The story by Tom, stuck closely to the original Superman legend. The special effects were dazzling making people believe a man could fly.The effects were Academy Award winning and John Williams provided the amazing soundtrack which outclassed his previous work STAR WARS.The soundtrack was one he couldn't top in terms of quality. Director Richard Donner, working with produces Ilya Salkind and Pierre Spengler, created what, in many ways was the definitive Superman film.From the beginning. Warner Bros.and DC had promised to play the film straight, treating the subject with seriousness it had been afforded in most of its previous screen incarnations. The cast worked to provide not only a strong ensemble, but also a non-campy approach to their character.

The casting coup, however, proved to be Christopher Reeve as Superman. Richard Donner cast the young actor with considerable trepidation, and Reeve himself was somewhat reluctant to take the role. The son of a Yale professor, Reeve was a graduate of Cornell who studied at Juilliard ; he had performed at the Old Vic in London.Chris was worried that the role of Superman would not offer "a genuine acting opportunity". Reeve reasoned "that there must be some difference stylistically between Clark and Superman. Otherwise you just have a pair of glasses standing in for a character, and i don't think that's enough for a modern audience."Released in 1978 Superman was lavish spectaclar that ranged from Krypton to the wheat fields of Kansas for nearly an hour before the costumed hero even appeared.The film ignored many of the recent changes in the comic books, but director Richard Donner consulted DC and found insiration in the comics he persued. Donner saw Superman the movie as actually three movies. The first was a science fiction epic set on the crystalline planet of Krypton. The second section was a beautifully photographed, nostalgic pastoral depicting Clark Kent's youth in the American heartland. The third part, Reeve's "romantic comedy," introduced the new star a full 47 minutes long, he had ample time to shine. You could see it more than once enjoy it. In fact, Superman was huge hit, Warners biggest grossing film at the time and proved that comicbook films can be successful if done properly.

This film is the best comic book film ever made period!, forget X-men and Batman this is the film that started all the comic movie fanchises. The film has a amazing score probably John Williams at his best. Above all this film has lots of heart, Donner wants you to believe in the myth of Superman. I think he has done that successfully. The effects still look very good today even though they have the old style retro optical look they still shine and stand out making you believe a man can fly!. The film will always be a perfect example of Hollywood at its best. Its very rare now that blockbusters have a good cast, script and direction. Some people think that Batman should hold the spot for the best comic book film?, no way Superman is told properly it starts with Kypton and works its way to Smallville then to Metropolis, the audience gets to see Superman grow into an adult. Batman starts with, well Batman. It goes straight into it. The sets are all enclosed giving a sense that it was film in a shoe box. Burtons direction is spent mostly on the way it looks and he lost in the script and tends drag on. Batman is tiny film compared to the monster film that is      ' SUPERMAN THE MOVIE '. But thing that makes the film work is Christopher Reeve, he is only person out there who has ever resembled Superman. He takes the role so seriously that it makes it hard to see anyone else to playing this role. Reeve played it so well.

Extended Version
Directors Cut