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" Superman II is a winner on all counts and is even better than Superman the movie. It shines as a perfect example of how to put a comic strip on the screen"
"Superman II was the most enjoyable time I've had in a cinema for a long time"

                             STARBURST critic JOHN BROSNAN

Directed by : Richard Donner and Richard Lester
Widescreen Panavision: 2:35.1 70 mm
Recorded in: Dolby stereo ( six-track )

"Man, this is gonna be good", announces a bystander in Superman II as the man of steel prepared to take on a trio of super villains in the sky over Metropolis.The second film turned out to be one of the screen's most satisfying depictions of a comic book character.When director Richard Donner shot Superman the movie, he also shot much of the proposed sequel. Donner fully expected to finish the job, but did not happen. Richard Lester was chosen to complete the second film.Donner said that he completed about 80 percent of the second film, this is true if you have seen the uncut version.But in the normal version there is about 52 percent shown of Donner's work.
The filmmakers had filmed a large portion of footage for Superman II concurrently with Superman I, and now the cast and crew had to return to England to complete the film for its 1980 release. The excitng plot containing a super-con-frontation between Superman and three survivors from the Phantom Zone ( marvelously played by Terrance Stamp, Sarah Douglas and Jack O' Hallaran). It also promised a dramatic resolution of sorts to the Clark Kent -Lois Lane-Superman love triangle which had been present for over 40 years by now.

The sensational fight scenes in which metropolis was torn apart constituted the most important new footage created for the sequel;older footage consisted of scenes shot on the sets of the Daily Planet offices and home base Hackman did all scenes during the initial production of Superman the movie."Those were pretty much in the bankeconomics of it." Although the two ," said Reeve. "It was the films seem to be a whole, the direction of the sequel was credited to Richard Lester rather than Richard Donner. And according to Reeve, Richard Lester directed the effects laden action sequences that made Superman II the closest cinematic equivalent of a comic book to date."It was fun to think of gags," said Reeve. "The fact that there was humour in this - in both parts and particularly in part two - was what made it enjoyable for me."

Superman II will always be a classic what ever version you have seen. If you are lucky enough to have the extended version with more extra scenes than you are closer to Donners original version. upon release this film was just as popular as the first but something was missing from the film. ' Donner and Brando'!. Salkinds didn't want to pay for Brandos footage even thou Brando had been paid. So they changed the script abit thanks to the Newmans and turned it into a Lester film. Lester was brought on to finish the rest of SII and re-do some scenes to get full credit for the film.Lester did a very good job blending the scenes together. But as you notice Lesters scenes seem abit different in style. lester is a different director, he likes to have lots of laughs and campiness throught his films. Its bad directing at all but he is not suited to Superman. Lester only came on board to be paid for his work on the second Musketeers film. Lester shot so much footage for film that the Salkinds ended making a film out of the stuff left on the cutting room floor. Lester went mad, so they agreed to pay him if he came on and helped complete Superman II. When you watch SII now knowing all the footage that was shot by Donner you kind think we missed out on probably the best Superman movie.