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Arcadia:Art Boxes

No! Yes! Box

In the land of the Middle West there is an authentic arcade. It is right up on Broad Street, one block from the Riveria, practically right across the street from Hogs & Kisses.

It has been there forever. Snuggled up to the alley and next to Bikini Blue's, you can enter through either of the two swinging door passageways. Drug dealers, heroin addicts, juice bombers, and marijuana potheads hang there. Or so I was warned by my parents. DO NOT GO IN THERE.

So of course that is where I went. Not without apprehension, get it?

Evil eclipsed me when my right foot touched the cement floor. Smells overwhelmed my nose...caramel corn, taffy, fudge (mmmmmmmm maple!), cotton candy. I did not smell one condom, so I figured...SAFE. "Come on in," the place said to me.

Wow this joint can't be so bad, I thought.

Bing! Bing! Shoooooooooooo Bing! Ziiiiiiiip! Bong! Bong! Haaw! You Lose...Hahahahahhaaaaha. Try again Bucko!

A million pinballs zipped, cursors activated manufactured voices, peeps screamed. It was a riot of noise!!!! Yes! Yes! High Voltage!!!!

Skateboarders huddled around the ancient Pacman.

[More to come]

There are 12 boxes in this series. Only 7 pieces are shown here. Email inqueries.

Thanx for stopping by. Come anytime you like.

LuLu Eccentrix

Arcadia Art Boxes from Eccentrix Studio

Artgirl Antix