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Love Discovery Channel Special:

What Guys like and What Girls like: Cool~

Sorry to have kept you waiting boys. Coming up next is What girls like.

Here we go!

~Girls like guys who adore them. This is the number-one thing for girls. Many a girl has fallen in love with a guy after he announces that he likes her. The more you like her, the better (unless it is overbearing).

~Girls like guys who are strong. They like guys who are confident and give them the feeling that they are safe when they are around them.

( I think this statement is an universal fact to all ages of females. So, take my advice, guys. You never look handsome if you don't think yourself is handsome. You should have confidence if you want to look confident.)

~Girls like guys who aren't afraid to say sweet things to them. "You look so pretty tonight." Stuff like that.

(Appropriate amount of sweet words really make girls fly and feel wonderful. Although girls may reply you "Oh~ I don't believe you." "Don't be silly"etc. They can't stop laughing happily inside.)

~Girls like guys who don't shy away from them when their buddies are around.

( It would be a double better if her buddies feel and tell her how good they think you are. Girls want to think that they lucked out by getting you too.)

~Girls like guys who know how to have fun when they are with a girl ( besides being physical).

Yet, these are not good ways to have fun.

~Girls like guys who make them feel special.

~Girls like guys who care about their feelings and who aren't afraid to talk about "emotional" stuff.

(Girls get mad if you do not care about their feelings inside.)

(Guys always say" stop arguing". Did you guys ever know, girls are not addicted to argring all time time if guys can read their minds. Girls want you to concern their feelings. So, sometimes just stop for a moment, take some time to imagine what are they feeling deep inside if you were girls. You will get along better with girls.)

~Girls like guys who are thoughtful,

(Guys who are thoughtful are most attractive undoubtedly.)

who just call to say "hi," "goodnight," or see how they are doing.

(Yet, this statement is true when the girls like you back.)

~Girls like guys who are generous.

Not just with money but in other ways, too. They like guys who will go out of their way to make them fell comfortable.

((This requires gentlemanlike manners basically.)

~Girls like guys who take care of themselves. They like clean hair, nice clothes, and they love a guy who smells good.

(This is very true. I can't forget the smells of my ex-bfs. Though I know the same smell of perfume I can buy in the famous brand shops e.g A X if I want. But it is silly to destroy your memory, right?)

~Girls like guys who do little things like hold their hand softly, move their hair away from their face for them or remember the day they first kissed.

( Guys listen, these work like magic. If you have never done these before, start to learn and try from this very moment. Practice makes perfect.)



Special thanks to Kimberly Kirberger for making this Love Discovery

Series a success.

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