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Love Discovery Channel Special:

What Guys like and What Girls like: Cool~

Let's start with What Guys like, Girls, listen carefully~ I mean read carefully

~Guys like girls who take care of themselves.

This isn't about model beauty. This is about clean hair, smelling good, exercising. By taking care of yourself, you send message that you care about yourself.

Guys like this!

~Guys like girls who have a life. They like it when you aren't always available. they like to know that if they like you, you aren't going to be needing them all the time.

( This is very true though they may deny by telling you"oh~babe, I love seeing you all the time" Don't believe that if you two love each other enough, seeing each other all the time is a nice thing to do. It's just next to the opposite.)

~Guys like girls who have a sense of humor. This is one of the most underestimated attributes.

(Yet, you may not find it very important if you are still having puppy loves or in Hong Kong)

Let's face it, we all love someone who laughs (especially at our jokes) and knows how to have fun.

~Guys like girls who don't try too hard. (chasing after them, or expressing how much you love them) Once again, the message you send when you try too hard is that you are desperate. They want to think that they lucked out by getting you.

( No matter how good you are or how much you love that guy, don't let them see that you try very hard. That's cheap,girls. Guys don't treasure cheap and easy coming stuff.)

~Guys like girls to listen to them and find them interesting.

( Then your guy feels like a real man besides you. He will be so contented and proud if he finds you enjoying his talk)

Don't fake it, but don't try to "get" a guy if you don't think he is interesting.

(Since you would suffer from pretending enjoying to his talk or jokes. It's terrible~)

~Guys like girls who have fun with their girlfriends. They want to know that if they are going to watch the game on Saturday night, you aren't going to fall apart. They like girls who can have a good time without them.

(Again, this is very true. My ex-bf broke up with me since I had ignored this statement.)

~Guys like girls who sincerely like them.

(To admire or appreciate his ability and merit. Not just love him because you want a boyfriend, or only because he is easy-going)

So...instead of thinking, "I want a boyfriend," think, " I am looking forward to meeting a guy I like who likes me back."


Special thanks to Kimberly Kirberger for making this Love Discovery Series a success.