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American Bulldogs












                             Our K-9 Sales Contract


PeaceMakers Guarentees:


       Buyers have seen the dog’s pedigree.                                                                                                                                                                                             

This information has been recorded and made known to the buyer.

Within this time if you feel your dog is sick, you return it to us and we will refund the

purchase price or return the dog to you in well condition. Should the dog die. You will

supply us with a veterinarian’s statement of cause of death and any treatment given. If the

death is caused by accident, poisoning or neglect, purchase price will not be refunded.

The breeder will not be responsible for any veterinarian bills or other bills the new

owner may incur after the purchase of the dog.

This genetic guarentee is against any inherited disorders that would shorten

the normal life span of the dog. If this occurs the new owner will be compensated with a

            replacement puppy. It will be PeaceMakers choice whether the original dog shall be spayed

or neutered and left with the owners or returned to our kennel. This guarantee is VOID if

            the dog is bred before notifying PeaceMakers of the health defect. PeaceMakers is not

            responsible for any injuries the dog may receive due to extraneous activities (ex. Weight

            pulling) unless proven genetic.

Fighting” the dog will be confiscated immediately by PeaceMakers with NO compensation

to  you, the dog owner. The health guarantees of this contract are void if the dog is involved

in a dogfight (accidental or intentional) or any other illegal activities.







                                                                                                                                      PeaceMakers K-9 CONTRACT PART II



PeaceMakers Conditions:


You are allowed to give your dog any CALL NAME you wish.

If we did not name the dog we then allow you to choose the official

 register name. The kennel name PeaceMakers will always be present

on the official registration papers.

     at the cost of the new owners.

American Bulldog litters or dogs for sale.

      to maintain PeaceMakers kennel reputation and bloodline:


a)      All breeding of the dog must be for the betterment of the breed and following

                 the ABA, UKC, ARF, and NKC Breeder Code of Ethics.

b)      The dog shall ONLY be bred to stud dogs and/or bitches registered by the


c)      Under NO circumstances shall buyer, successors or assignees, allow dog

papers or pedigree to be used falsely.


 You are to contact  PeaceMakers first before selling, placing or disposing

 of the animal.


PeaceMakers Spay/Neuter Contract


The signing of this contact below states that the purchaser of this puppy agrees to have it spayed or neutered

by the time the puppy is 9 months old. No registration papers will be given until PeaceMakers has receive

veterinary records (copy) stating the procedure has been done.



__________________________________              _______________________

__BUYER(S)                                                                        DATED






                     K-9 Contract Continued


Any deletions to this contract shall be struck out and initialed by both parties.

Additional amendments will be noted on the back of this contract followed by

signatures of both parties.


I/we agree to the terms and conditions of this contract

and agree to abide by it by my/our signature below. 




    _____________________                      _________________________________

       Richard Christman                                  ___Buyer(s)



    _____________________                       __________________          

 __ Kimberly Sutherly                                            DATED




          Congratulations and Good Luck with your new best friend!!



ABA Registered name of dog: