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09/9/01 : Today we played in the first OCL match against Handof, everyone played extremely well : ) Great job today everyone and lets keep up the good work > | )


1st Match         2nd Match

06/25/01 : Ok guys we are signed up on OGL now, please sign up if you are not already on OGL, and then ICQ Notorious with your OGL account name so he can get you an invite. Thanks : )

06/07/01 : Hello Hello Hello !!! ATF has grown a few more members and is looking good. Im sorry the message board is down guys, im trying to see what the problem is and why it isnt up. Should have it back up soon, thats about it for right now.

02/12/01 : Hello to everyone out there. Been a while since ive posted on the news section. ATF is recruiting, anyone interested please send us an email.Email Our Crew.

10/10/00 : Well today I finally sat down and made a button that turns the music on and off : ) Now EVERYONE will be able to turn the music off to watch the bio's. ENJOY!

10/02/00 : Today we ran into some interesting thing's on hogies server : ) Take a look ; )


10/01/00 : Today we will be setting up practices. Please report to Notorious with your schedules for the week, so he may begin writing our schedule of practice for this week. Following this week please send Notorious your weekly schedules as soon as you know them. Thank You = )

09/30/00 : Today the news page is finally up and running. You will be able to come here to check on things such as OGL matches, Clan matches, dates, times, etc... and also just about things currently going on in Kingpin.

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