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Matabeleland Scouting Memorabilia - Newspaper-Cuttings

Newspaper-cutting History

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1957-01-01 Wood Badge course at Matopos 1957-01-01 African Scouts for World Jamboree 1957-05-07 Bulawayo Empire Day Rally 1957-05-24 500 Scouts, Guides attend City Empire Dday Rally 1957-05-29 Risked Electrocution to Save Another 1957-06-01 Wolf Cubs in the Matopos
1957-07-12 Southern Rhodesian Scouting News 1957-08-01 Southern Rhodesian Scout Jamboree Contingent 1961-04-17 This is to certify T. Ansley 1965-01-01 Anyones guess? 1966-01-01Anyones guess? 1973-08-25 Pedalling pair gets plaques
1975-10-05 David Davies a Chief Scout 1976-02-16 Death of top Scout 'Skipper' Knapman 1976-08-14 Bulawayo Scout Cookout Competition 1976-08-28 Scout Award Ceremony 1977-10-20 Boy Scouts were alert 1977-10-22 Scout go on the air
1978-02-03 Top award for city Scout 1978-02-05 Rhodesian Scout Trek Cart 1978-05-28 Ian Dickinson & Chuck Wilcox 1978-07-02 Assegia Competition 1978-08-13 Scouts Search for Bulawayo Rock Paintings 1978-08-23 Swing Ball Marathon Fund Raiser
1978-09-08 Bob-a-Job 1978-09-12 Richard Millar receives Sable Award 1978-10-20 300 Scouts for Camp 1978-10-28 Des Classen - Bulawayo Scout JOTA station 1978-11-20 City Scouts win top awards 1978-12-05 Scout hobbies night
1978-12-27 Rhodesian Scouts go to Witzenberg 1979-01-17 Scouts back from SA Adventure 1979-05-22 Simon Miller-Cranko 1979-06-2 Scouts Get Top Awards 1979-08-11Scouts Home 1979-08-12-Bulawayo Scout Cookout Competition
1979-09-07 City Scout Honoured 1979-09-24 7/20th Famona Chief Scouts 1979-10-01Honours for City Scouts 1979-10-07 Scout Travelling Commissioner Advert 1979-10-07 Cub Scouts Rowallan Pennant Competition 1979-10-22 JOTA in Rhodesia
1980-07-30 Top Scout Award Won By City Youth 1980-09-27 City Scout wins top award 1980-09-28 Rowallan Pennant competition 1980-11-04 Roll Of Honour - Nicky Coom 1980-11-09 Cubs Rewarded 1981-06-21 Riverside Scouts & Cubs in Snare hunt
1981-08-25 Zimfari Scout Camp 1981-08-26 Zimfari Scouts Due Next Year 1981-09-27 Scout Cook-out Competition 1982-04-23 John Landau opens Scout Hall 1982-08-08 30 Snares found 1982-08-22 Scouts visit Britain
1955 Easter Scout Camp, Gordon Park 1982-10-16 Condolances - Gary Rimmer        

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Acknowledgements:- The Bulawayo Chronicle Newspaper