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1981-08-26 Zimfari Scouts Due Next Year
About 100 Scouts coming to Zimbabwe next year for the 1982 jamboree will be treated to a variety of expeditions and games under a program known as Zimfari, said Provincial Scout Commissioner, Mr C. Wilcox. Mr Wilcox was speaking at the end of the boy scouts competition in Bulawayo in which 120 scouts in eight Troops from the Western suburbs participated.
The winner of the competition which involved a variety of games and other aspects of Scouting, was the 56th Bulawayo Kingfishers who presented the Trophy. He said there would be a mass media campaign on the Zimfari and the Jamboree. Zimfari is shortened name for Zimbabwe Safari. The Zimfari emblem will be a Bushpig. The Runners up to the weekend competition were 21st YCC Buffaloes and the 36th Lions Patrol. The Scout District Commissioner for Mpopoma Mr Richard Shilling, Received a woodbadge and a citation for his service in the Scout Movement. The Woodbadge is the highest proficiency certificate in the Movement.

Ack:- The Bulawayo Chronicle Newspaper