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1979-10-01Honours for City Scouts
Two Scouts of the 8th Bulawayo (Hillside) group, who rescued two people from drowning at Matopos Dam last year, were presented at the weekend with the Gilt Cross for Gallantry by the Chief Scout Commissioner Mr Stan O'Donnell (Center). They are 18year old Micheal Brown (left) and Brett Fulton (15). The Guilt Cross, awarded by the Chief Scout of the Scout Association in London, Sir William Gladstone, is the highest award for gallantry. Scouter of the 8th Hillside, Mr Norman Scott, said gallantry awards in scouting were "very rear and few and far between". He knew of only two others having been awarded since the movement started in this country in 1910. While canoeing on Matopos dam, the Scouts saw two people floundering in the water after their canoe had capsised. Brett dived in to assist a young girl and Micheal paddled towards a middle aged man who could not swim. In his panic, the man capsised Micheals canoe. The Scouts then used their knowledge to lifesaving to get the two back to the shore about 100m away.

Ack:- The Bulawayo Chronicle Newspaper