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1978-12-27 Rhodesian Scouts go to Witzenberg
A group of 32 Senior Scouts from Rhodesia left Bulawayo yesterday to attend a Senior Scout Adventure camp in the Great Witzenberg mountain range, 180km from Cape Town. The party is led by Mr Norman Scott of the Hillside Scout Troop, Bulawayo. There are 14 Scouts from Salisbury, nine from Blawayo, eight from Fort Victoria and one from Que-Que. Altogether 440 Senior Scouts, mostly from South Africa, will attend the camp from tomorrow until January 8. The Scouts will busy themselves with camping, hiking, orienteering, astronomy, sailing, canoeing, archery, shotgun shooting, rock climbing and a comando course. All the scouts are aged from 14 1/2 years upwards. Photo shows some of the 32 Rhodesians receiving a briefing frm Mr Scott before setting out. They are from left: Ian Taylor (Que-Que), Mr Scott, Bryan Hall (Fort Victoria), Joseph Schwarer (Salisbury) and Rhichard Millar (Bulawayo).

Ack:- The Bulawayo Chronicle Newspaper